Here’s Why The Obamas May Not Be Invited To Prince Harry’s Wedding

For those of you hoping to see the Obamas at Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s fairytale wedding in May 2018, your hopes may have just been dashed. Sources close to the royals have revealed that America’s former president may not be invited to the regal ceremony.

While it is no secret that Prince Harry, 33, and Barack Obama’s, 56, have a serious case of bromance, reposts have it that Harry has been advised not to invite his African American friend to his wedding.

The reason? Apparently, the Foreign Office has warned the young couple against having a ‘political’ guest list. Although the reports have not been confirmed, it is alleged that the Foreign Office believes that inviting Obama would strain relations with America’s current, Donald Trump.

The royal biographer, Duncan Larcombe, claims that chances of the Obamas getting an invitation is slim to none because the Foreign Office is nervous about upsetting the very unpredictable Donald J. Trump.

It should be noted, however, that during the wedding of Prince William and Kate, no heads of state were invited to the ceremony. However, Larcombe noted, ‘religious leaders, members of the royal family, and Commonwealth countries’ were invited. It is expected that Harry and Megan will have a similar protocol.

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