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Health Benefits of Red Wine

When consumed responsibly and regularly, red wine can deliver quite a punch when it comes to health.

Health Benefits of Red Wine

Good For the Heart: Red wine is apparently good for the ol’ ticker. That may be something worth considering for general heart health. Red wine, being a part of the flavonoids family, is highly bioactive and can be instrumental in preventing hearts disease in humans. Drinking a glass of red wine daily can help raise the body’s good cholesterol while preventing artery hardening, aiding blood thinning and reducing the formation of blood clots!


Good For Avoiding Cancer Risk: Red wine reportedly contains a rich anticancer called resveratrol, an antioxidant that prevents free radicals from harming the body. In fact scientists have proven that resveratrol reduces risk of leukemia, breast, skin as well as prostate cancer.


Good Anti-inflammatory Agent: Resveratrol in red wine helps to prevent aging, oxidation, and fungal infections caused by damaging factors like extreme temperatures, ultraviolet light and block the activation of the COX-2 enzyme, the usual suspect in bodily inflammation and pain.


Like apples, a glass a day of red may be just what doctors order. However it is always wise to speak to your personal physician before embarking on any new health undertaking.

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