Greediness And Its Investment In Nigeria’s Growing Lawlessness Venture

In sooth, it’s no longer news that lawlessness is riding speedily to the highest height it can attain in our great Nigeria. At the time of writing this article, I was thinking of how best to define the term lawlessness but kudos to the inventors of google search engine I was able to define it as a state of disorder due to disregard for the law. Nigeria is a country with a lot of laid down rules that I don’t seem to see governing the inhabitants of our great motherland haven being governed by a legislative, judicial and executive system of Government that prevents an individual or group of people from holding majority of the authority.
I get blown to an ague whenever I meditate on how greediness embraces every occasion to eat up on our already dented rule governance and no one seems to care about how cataclysmic this is to our development. A law enforcement body that is meant to enforce law deviates from its primary assignment and get involved in unimaginable clandestine activities just for the love of his pocket. I’m one of the opportuned constant travelers making use of our public transport system and while migrating from one town to another, it’s so heart breaking that most of our drivers are so lawless and no longer have the fear of the law enforcement agents at heart. When sighted from afar the next question that arises is “anyone with #50 change?” or less, on getting there, the law enforcement agents collects the money, despite being paid monthly for their work.That’s just a tip of the greedberg.
These days as a youth, when you go out of the house you go out with the fear of the law enforcement agents at heart not because they are going to enforce that law, but because they are going to break it by unjustly harassing you for money. Now let’s dig deep, A crew of law enforcement sighted me from afar, came after me like I’m armed or got caught in robbery I mean pursue me for no reason at times with a machete just to bridge my privacy by demanding for my phone. Every man with his 5+x senses working can tell without Nigeria’s code of conduct that this will never be right without a search warrant. On finding nothing implicating, law enforcement agents want me to give them any amount I have in my pocket as transportation expenses how funny!! More hilarious when I tell them I don’t have a dime then I get gifted with heavy slaps my mom never gave me all through my upbringing and how ridiculous when I’m given a pen and paper to write a dictated statement or maybe I’m beaten to pulp and dumped wherever they feel I add up extra weight to the under maintained vehicle. My brother once told me if he had a man’s head in the trunk of his car he will ride miles as long as he has the low denominations of our bank notes tucked in his pocket how shameful, that’s lawlessness at its peak.
Furthermore, at our voting stands, law enforcement is being paid into dubious activities. Also, allocation to the security sectors for new firearms are being eaten up by the greedy ones despite the fact that our arsenal is so old school the police can barely challenge armed robbers for the fears of losing their lives. Of course allocations to the family of the deceased will have a greater percentage of it eaten up by some greedy humans.
Pastors/imams are bold enough to break the law of the God they serve just to make more money, Bankers help fraudsters to pick up money with non-existing names for the love of their greedy pocket, the rich see themselves as above the law, the court is no more hope for the poor it’s now battle ground for the rich either rich against rich or rich against the government it’s almost like anything and everything goes.
Moreover, if I would suggest a solution to the present situation I would suggest cleansing starts from the top and not the bottom. They would always say you solve a problem from the roots but not in this case. I’d suggest we start from the apex. How will lawlessness be averted when the population is hungry and angry at the Government. If there’s is a change from the bottom line, same hunger will still lead to anger would bring about lawlessness again. Therefore I’d  suggest a change has to start from the Government and automatically the masses will follow if they don’t, change can be enforced. You don’t enforce or preach what you don’t do.
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