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#FridayFeature: Going Digital with Home decor

Going digital with home decor

Technology is making headlines across the world in virtually every sector you can imagine. Agriculture, Education, Entertainment, fashion and so on, but what about home décor? Today, it is unarguable that technology makes our lives simpler nonetheless it can also be an eyesore in the home. Remember that one time you visited a friend and you literally dropped your jaw in an effortless abandon because of the super amazing tech gadgets in the space? But then again you just didn’t want your own space to be characterised by such a huge techy mess and would rather settle for the table top TVs or paper wall frames.

High-end tech products are designed to complement a room rather than detract from it. They can help you accentuate your space and give it a sophisticated touch that interior décor accessories may not be able to offer. So you have decided to connect with your inner-techie? Here are some interesting high-tech products that have been designed to complement your home-décor.




At first glance it can be mistaken as a glass plane in a sliding door, but with a wave of a hand or a push of a button, a television screen instantly comes on. With transparent televisions, you have a lot of flexibility with your space; you can easily display decorative items behind what appears to simply be a piece of glass, until it’s time to watch TV. Now this is surely a smart way to keep make your home technologically updated while ensuring a beautiful space.

transparent tv



You will agree with me that in a typical Nigerian home, apart from the calendar, every other wall accessories spend a considerable number of years hanging tiredly on the wall. Now this is quite understandable, considering the cost and stress of new photo frames/enlargements and artworks.


With a digital photo frame, you can create slide shows of your important moments and display collages of your favourite artworks.   Digital photo frames gives you maximum customization and utility, with the most technologically advanced types allowing you to use your phone to control what kind of art you display on your wall. A digital picture frame is a great technological tool to decorate your home.





Walk into 20 Nigerian homes and you will find that half of them still use the yellow light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Now not only does this choice of lighting make our homes look boring, they also consume a lot of energy supply.

Smart lights are a great way for the technologically-conscious to stay stylish. It’s easy to manage an entire house’s light bulbs and turn off individual lights when they are not in use.




You don’t need a chimney or smelly ash and heavy cords of wood to enjoy a fireplace. Artificial fireplaces are smokeless and can be contained within walls of glass or even set aflame on top of a table top, giving you the opportunity to get creative and decorate with fire.


smart light

Who would have thought technology would play such a huge role in the home décor arena? From transparent televisions to artificial fireplaces, we can always incorporate our inner-techie into our home decoration ideas and designs.


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