Fashion Styles You Should Modify In 2018

It’s a new year and there are lots of reasons to be happy that we made it. While some of us are making resolutions, others simply hope that the year would be better than the last in all ramifications.

One thing we all however should pay attention to is our appearance and also certain things that will make us more stylish than we were the previous year.

If your intention is to look stunning in 2018, sit back and analyse all your fashion knowledge in such a way that you twist them around in a form that people wonder how you’re able to look differently and immensely stunning.

While it would be ideal to drop some of your fashion styles, you can still turn around your look by putting together those socks, nerdy jeans and patterned shirts in such a way that it becomes fashionable and acceptable to the fashion police.

Here are some fashion styles you can blend and the ideal way to make them the go-to wears in your wardrobe.

The Female Colours
A number of colours are ascribed to the female gender and they include Pink, purple, metallic red, yellow, lily-pad green and orange. 2018 is however a year to bend the rules when it comes to colours ascribed to gender and pick two or three colours when you dress up.

The rule here however is to pick a colour that suits and complements your skin tone. You can choose a variety when it comes to picking the colours of your shirt, trouser, jacket and native Attires.

High Water Pants

High water pants are the new fad and was popularised by the Steve Urkel character in the 90’s sitcom ‘Family Matters’. High Water Pants allow you to show off your stunning shoes, lovely or weird socks pattern and any tattoos you may have around your ankles.

For you to however stun with it, you need to blend it in with a durable cotton pant, that comes in a subtly strong material. A high top sneakers is also the best form of shoe to wear to have an exceptionally interesting appearance.

Blousy Tops
If you flashback 2016, you’d realise that printed tops that come as short-sleeve shirts and and blousy Tops that come as long-sleeve shirts were a huge trend but they don’t seem to be going anywhere this new year.

This fashion style especially rocked the 80’s and if you’re going to use it this new year, it’s best for you to go for a bigger and boxier cut.

When you put on your blousy Tops, tuck them in and roll up your sleeves. Also remember to leave the top buttons open so as to have a tough guy look that people want to see.

Loud Printed Shirts
Patterned and loud printed shirts were all over the place in 2017 and they will still be around in 2018 and beyond. If you’re thinking of going on with wearing your loud printed shirts this year, you may want to update the ones you have in your wardrobe.

Let go of the stripes and go instead for motifs such as check, camouflage and cheetahs.


For two to three years now, straight-up trippy socks, and sporty ones have come to make a huge statement on the male fashion scene. These socks have basically relegated the bare-ankle look that has been around for an incredibly long time.

While you don’t need to discard the bare-ankle look that makes you look like you’re a fish out of water, you can adopt the patterned and sporty looks of modern socks. Also remember that wearing socks with chinos and loafers is acceptable and cool.

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