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Entrepreneurship: “Persistence”, a veritable skill for business – Pengilola



“This journey to success is long, rough and tough…Yet, I persist” -Pengilola

What do you do when the going gets tough, do you Relent, Retreat or Persist? I particularly believe in the power of persistence in achieving set goals instead of relenting in the face of oppositions. Articulating all energy and source ideas to converge at a focal point of the vision rather than relenting. For some unavoidable reasons, the need to retreat and re-energize may call, however with a positive mindset of a goal-getter should that be embraced yet seeming alternative means to sustain the vision.

Consider an instance, Pengilola owns an online marketing platform that’s saddled with daily broadcast/ advertising of my products, the least challenge you could never imagine can put a stop to the daily broadcast. Imagine being impecunious at the moment to the point I can’t foot my internet bills or data plan, that could be hell frustrating, etiolating and could even dispirit any enthusiastic marketer. Don’t even imagine it.

However, it doesn’t call for a retreat, though light challenge as it may be considered, I can creatively walk up to a nearby store or bank, and in a tactful manner advertise my products to a couple of audiences. My online absence may fleetingly retard my marketing activity but as well opens me up to new marketing strategies birthed from the challenge of not being able to afford internet plan. The Entrepreneur is never boxed up, rather a Solution Creator in the face of challenging occurrences. His spirit is ever alive, to gasp for breath when overwhelmed by the flood.

Learn from the gurus. The market is like a jungle and for a brand to be a hit in the market, gaining consistent stability and prominence among other rivals, the mind behind the product should be resilient in goal-getting and persistent.


The Hyena may disturb the dinning of the Lion but can never unseat it from its meal! Focus is the key. Your focus can make you birth hundred of ideas in the face of challenge. Your focus is the key that drives your persistent spirit. You say ” I ain’t giving up !”

Your goal term determines the magnitude of investment per time. Getting into business shouldn’t be aimed primarily at making money, else it shortens the span of your relevance in the business world of your choice. In that regards, you must set out with the mindset of providing a solution to the world with your product or service. In the true sense, money is what you get for a service rendered or a product sold. Their needs must be constantly met if you must sustain your relevance in the market world. Successful entrepreneurs understand this magic. I call it the “multiplier effect of reversed interest”. Seek to provide a solution to human needs. Every woman desires long hair, oh! That’s fine, Pengilola is out to meed the desire and demand. As long as human wants are insatiable, I can’t run out of the market simply because no one is comfortable sleeping with unsolved problems, every man seeks the means to answer to their desire just as Pengi is of high interest in giving solutions to your beauty demands. Conversely, my business relevance sustained.

In retrospect, the drive to constantly create solutions guides in setting short term goals or long term goals. Goals are environmental based, seasonal, situational and should regard the law of human needs. Quarterly goal term, annual goal term or even half a decade must be set for your business. As you have personal future desires, help your business with its ambition or it dies. See your business as a living thing, it possible as human seeking means to gain survival and stay relevant among another human. Day of sobbing may be, with the heart almost tearing apart, trust me, it’s seasonal. There’s often light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your business alive at all cost. With learned strategies, prayers. Above all, keep in mind, you are paid and rated according to the wisdom you display in life. Seek to get wiser by the day, read and never stop the search for knowledge to advance your business skills and sustain your goals.

Because the vision must be accomplished, the goal has got to be resounding in your spirit, ” I don’t quit till I get on the goal mark, I ain’t giving up! ” Make it your song in the morning, permeate your mind, shared among your team and a wall badge in your office. Possibly your screensaver. It is called the subconscious programming of the mind via the senses.

Probably, if one of your goals is to celebrate a mileage achievement on a round table with your clients, you will get on your heels. That’s fantastic to imagine, isn’t it?

Goal definition is critical to your preparation in achieving success for any business or project as it were. It defines your mission, commitment level, ultimately your team, if need calls. Short term goals or Long term goals are functions of the aim of a business.

A report from the Bible speaks of Joseph practically and consistently exercising his dream interpretation skills despite being in prison. His gift and consistency called for fame and prominence in a short while.

Persist, and keep a positive mind. Your goal is just a step away!

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