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Easter Celebration: 5 essential goods every home must have for Easter



The Easter holidays are here again and the excitement of the period is filling every home; if you plan to have a very enjoyable Easter celebration, especially with your family members, then here are some things you should not forget to purchase when you go shopping.
1. Cooking essentials
 The Easter celebration cannot be complete without a bountiful meal for the family so this is one very important point to remember. Make sure you are ready to prepare delicious meals by getting all your essential ingredients, this will save you the trouble of running to a store every now and then during the holidays and hence, let you spend more time with your loved ones. Items such as healthy cooking oils like the Grand Vegetable oil, tomato paste, Dangote salt, spices and Knorr seasoning cubes are especially important, so make sure you get them beforehand.
2. Soft drinks and beverages
A real feast for the season is never complete without cool drinks to go with your delicious meals; for the Easter season, it is better to go for non-alcoholic beverages the entire family can enjoy irrespective of their age or the time of the day. A good idea for this would be Chivita fruit juices, chilled bottles of 7up or Coca-cola ! It would also be a good idea to stock up on chocolate drinks like Bournvita for the kids, your favorite tea bags and a tin of delicious Peak milk to go with your beverages if you prefer those to soda and juice.
3. Frozen foods
If you are very familiar with how the Nigerian market works, then you are already aware that the prices of certain goods like chicken, beef and fish tend to skyrocket for no reason and the queues to purchase them become endless during the holidays! A good way to manage this situation is to get the already cleaned and packaged frozen foods and stock them in your refrigerator; this is usually cheaper than buying fresh from the market plus they save you the trouble of killing and butchering your live stocks – double advantage! CHIfarms is especially known for quality frozen foods, so that is a good place to start shopping from.
4. House cleaning essentials
You cannot have a complete Easter celebration with your family without making a mess or having to clean up after yourselves; this is however not a problem at all if you have the right cleaning essentials at home, plus, cleaning up will be a fun activity to do as a family! Do not forget to get dish washing liquid for the kitchen, a good pack of detergent like Ariel will come in handy, disinfectants to keep the home germ free, Jik bleach to remove tough stains and of course, all other necessary cleaning tools you know you will need.
5. Toiletries 
The house is not the only thing that will need cleaning during the holidays, so make sure you stock up on toiletries for the entire family too. The most essential ones are gentle bathing soaps like Dettol soap, body cream, hair cream, toothpaste, toilet rolls and shampoo. Remember guys, getting all you need ready for the Easter celebrations could make a big difference and be the determining factor for whether you are going to have a lot of fun with your family during the holidays or whether you are going to waste valuable time running back and forth through packed stores getting items at the last minute. Is there any item you cannot celebrate Easter without that was not mentioned in the list? Then let us know in the comment section. Have a beautiful Easter Holiday!

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