How To Dress on a First Date

It’s Friday night. That guy you’ve been flirting has finally asked you out. It’s your first date… now what!?  

Ok let’s start from the beginning- first impressions matter a lot. The first that comesto mind is how to dress on a first date And yes this probably isn’t his very first impression of you. But it’s probably the first impression of you one-on-one for a long period of time. The perception we get of someone even before we talk to them, are usually gotten from their appearance. Here we are not going to spell out rules you must follow on how to dress on a first date (that list may be endless). Instead, here are style choices you should avoid on a first date (that’s if you want a second date or like, a walk down the aisle with him).

how to dress on a first date

Wearing something out of your laundry hamper: You have to look good for your first date and that does not include your wearing dirty clothes. It may not have been physically removed from the laundry hamper but if you have worn it all week then it has no business on your body. Wear something fresh that your date will not be able to pick out stains on it.

Overdoing it: This often the case since we are trying to impress the other party. Well, you shouldn’t stress out too much about what you wear on the first date because it’s the other dates’ outfits that matter. Research shows that when you begin to dress down subsequently then you are getting comfortable with the person. What’s the use of dating if you can’t be yourself?

Dressing for the wrong type of date: Everyone wants to make an impression but if you don’t dress appropriately for the date, then you will just look out of place. Hence, you can’t wear a tux to the movies, or jeans to a fancy restaurant. You will be the center of attention but for the wrong reasons. Feel free to inquire about the date plans beforehand.

Applying too much makeup: You have to find a balance. With makeup, try something simple and classy that will enhance the features you already have and not make the guy surprised when he finally sees you without makeup. Don’t underdo it either. Make good enough effort but not too distracting.

Adjusting yourself during the date: Avoid wearing clothes that will require you to keep tugging and pulling. This doesn’t show confidence and comfort. However, if you feel uncomfortable and need to adjust, excuse yourself and readjust in the restroom.

Avoid too tight clothes: This is important especially if you’re going to dinner or lunch or any kind of food-related date. Don’t put yourself through misery first dates are already stressful enough. Wear something free that will help you be more at ease. You have more to worry about than the possibility of ripping your dress.

All you have to keep in mind is wear what makes you feel good. With the right attitude, you can pull off anything. I hope these tips make getting ready for your first date less stressful.

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