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Donald Trump Look-a-like Paraded Topless Around City Center Like A Dog (Photos)

A semi-n@ked Donald Trump look-a-like being was made to ‘walk’ around on a dog lead. The video footage – published in local media – shows oligarch Aleksandr Donskoy parading the Trump-style ‘dog’ around the city in St Petersburg, Russia.

trump look alike

The man, stripped to the waist and wearing a blond wig and a rubber Trump mask, snarls at passers by as Donskoy urges him: “Bite! Bite!”

As shoppers and office workers start to laugh at the spectacle, Donskoy leads the bogus hound to his car where he barks at people through the window.

Donskoy – who dubbed his stunt ‘Trump, Heel!’ – said: “The politician, who has given people great hope – not only in my country, but also the majority of Russians, Americans and residents of many other countries – was not able to keep his promises and follow his principles.”

The footage was initially available on YouTube, but it was later taken down, with a message saying: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s policy on harassment and bullying.”

Donskoy – once the he Mayor of the northern Russian city Arkhangelsk – is known in Russia for his weird video stunts.

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