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Compliments of the season and welcome to another edition of interview segment. Hows the day and trust it has been stress-free. Before moving on, the sole aim of this concept is to motivate youths out there via peoples success stories and start up experiences. We seek to teach, encourage and motivate our readers to give room for the manifestation of the Kings in them. And today, we have a Q&A segment with an important personality popularly known as SLIMXCLUSIVE. Sit back, read, and stay motivated!
CRYSTALVERTS: Good afternoon sir, I’d love you to introduce yourself to our readers.
SLIMXCLUSIVE: Okay, My name is Samuel Oluwaseyi Otukoya. Nick- SLIM coined from my media house slimxclusive
CRYSTALVERTS: Thanks for that sir. You made mention of something, SLIMXCLUSIVE, what’s it all about?
SLIMXCLUSIVE: Slimxclusive is a media house based in Lagos. Comprises of an Online Tv, an entertainment blog and a promotional platform, aimed at promoting the best of Nigerian contents and to bring upcoming acts into limelight.
Our goal is to promote, publicize and share the best of Nigerian Contents (Music, Video, Events, Entertainment News. and Business) and provide all music lovers direct access to latest Music and Videos for download.
CRYSTALVERTS: Sounds great, sir since when have you been into this and can you please share your start up experiences with our dear readers?
SLIMXCLUSIVE: Well, I started in 2014. After one crazy exam with the course title Thermodynamics”. One person I’d always be grateful to is KUNBI BLACK. His event was what really exposed me to the entertainment atmosphere, as I used to be a nerd. It was my last exam for 200 level.
CRYSTALVERTS: I’m sure not everyone knows who KUNBI BLACK is; can you please shed more light on this?
SLIMXCLUSIVE: Kunbi black is a mc, a comedian, TV/radio presenter and a superstar event host.
CRYSTALVERTS: Thanks for that. From what you said the other time, I can deduce that youve been running this for the almost three years and research reveals that you were once Uber brand ambassador. As at that time, how were you able to run your brand with being a brand ambassador to Uber?
SLIMXCLUSIVE: Yes I was. Being a brand ambassador then was actually to my advantage as I got to meet different people make new connections and was exposed to new opportunities.
CRYSTALVERTS: Exposed to new opportunities? I believe that has helped you in building up your brand to some certain extent. Sir, how have you been able to reach your goal? And to what extent do you think you’ve been able to satisfy all music lovers?
SLIMXCLUSIVE: We have a platform for that. It took a while but its growing fast. Our online blog has an average of 20,000 unique visitors daily.
CRYSTALVERTS: Sir.  Being a CEO, everyone knows the CEO always have to front a brand, make decisions and make sure its perfect. What has been your experience so far??
SLIMXCLUSIVE: Sometimes being a CEO can be frustrating. But there are more benefits. At times, you have to attend events, some people will talk to you anyhow and more.
CRYSTALVERTS: Wao. Sir, how have you been able to cope with all these?
SLIMXCLUSIVE: Well, you just have to bottle it up, keep your eyes on the prize. Know why you’re there and block the noise: ignoring the insults. Because at the end of the day. You achieve your goal
CRYSTALVERTS: Those are great words. If I may ask, do you have people you work with, if yes, how have you been able to manage them?
SLIMXCLUSIVE: Yeah I do, its all grace and everyone has their designated duty
CRYSTALVERTS: Starting up a brand like this, would have required you investing a lot into it, if I may ask, how do you run your online TV, and the blog. ??
SLIMXCLUSIVE: The TV hasn’t launched yet we have some promotional clips though, but officially we haven’t started. The blog is live and you can access our updates via or download our mobile app on Google play store
CRYSTALVERTS: Thanks for that. What do you have to say to youths out there who feel there’s nothing to make out of life?
SLIMXCLUSIVE There’s always something you can do to make it in life! Most importantly you can make it doing what you enjoy doing. Just put God first, read books and build connections
CRYSTALVERTS: Sir, Thanks for taking time out with us. I’d like you to drop your contacts for those who would love to reach out to you
SLIMXCLUSIVE: Email: @sammy_ryde
CRYSTALVERTS: We would like to draw the curtain here. Its a great honor to have this chat interview with you sir, more blessings upon your work. Thanks for your time and support. To our great readers out there, this segment is published every two weeks and it has been great having you reading our chat interviews. Follow us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter @Crystalverts.
We seek to inspire, educate and motivate you always. Never hesitate to drop a comment below. Also, to get updates on different categories, be it news, entertainment, sports and the likes, keep visiting We deliver the best. Thanks for your time. Join us next two weeks on this segment. Stay motivated always!

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