Season greetings to you all. welcome to another edition of Crystalverts chat interview segment. Trust your day has been stress-free. Before introducing our guest, let me brifly talk to you about this concept, the sole aim of this concept is to motivate youths via people’s success stories and start up experiences. We seek to teach, encourage and motivate our readers to give room for the manifestation of the Kings in them. And today, we have a Q&A segment with an important personality popularly known as SLIM, CEO Sleem nation concept. Sit back, read, learn and stay motivated!


Crystalverts: It’s wonderful to have you here sir, and I’d love you to introduce yourself to our readers.


Sleem nation: My name is Oke Olayemi Mercy (Sleem Fit), CEO Sleem Nation Concept (A Media/News Company)


Crystalverts: Great. Sir, what’s sleem nation concept about? Trust our readers would love to know more about your brand.


Sleem nation: Yea. Sleem Nation Concept got its origin from my nick name (sleem). We operate an online news platform. We are into web design, graphics designs, blogs, and hype events (both online and offline). Also we have another brand under Sleem Nation Concept Known as Sleem Nation Care Initiative which provides Charity services for the less privileges and orphans.

Basically we are doing the little we can to contribute to the task of Nation Building!!


Crystalverts: Thanks for that. For how long have you been into this Charity?? And if I may ask what gave birth to this brands??


Sleem nation: Yea. Thanks for that question. We started February 2017 and by the grace of God, we have made impacts!!! The brand rose as a result of what I will refer to as PASSION and the ZEAL to make impact to lives!!

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Crystalverts: Passion and zeal to impact lives? Can you please expatiate??


Sleem nation: When I was an undergraduate at the prestigious Osun State University, this passion to be an online expert came up, went for several tutorial classes on web designing, designed two different websites (which didn’t work out) then I was chanced to meet a good friend and boss, Makinde Azeez (CEO Naijaloaded). I learnt many things from him being a media person and that aided the passion I have for the big concept known as “MEDIA”… So at a point I can bodly say God inspired me, my parents supported the dream, Mankinde Naijaloaded aroused d passion. Many brands are into charity services as we all know, one’s ZEAL to also contribute a quota will make it different, and that’s why there is a brand known as Sleem Nation Care Initiative which operates under Sleem Nation Concept.


Crystalverts: Thanks for that. Sir, you made mention of charity services. Can you please explain to our readers what you mean by this and also, what project are you currently working on?


Sleem nation: Thanks for the question. Sleem Nation Care Initiative caters for the charity services. We extend our services to the less privilege, orphans by donating funds, providing clothing materials, food and other essential materials just to give them a taste of better life!!

Currently, we are working on a project; this project entails a day visit to “Medium Security Prison” also known as Oko Prison, Benin city, Edo state. The purpose of the visit is to engage inmates in discussion play games and also distribute relief materials to them. We believe this will go a long way to make them happy in their present state of mind, giving them a taste of how life is outside prison!!!

On this project, we are partnering with media brands like Infoloaded, Triotinaija, Wakanewz, Crystalverts, Great People Foundation (GPF) and others. Details of the visit will be communicated in due course as necessary preparation is being made! There is still room for partnership, sponsorship and donations to support the vision.


Crystalverts: Wao. If I may ask what inspired this project?


Sleem nation: God!!! And the zeal to attend to the needy. This project will feature distribution of relief materials like new sets of Uniforms, Toiletries, Mosquito Nets and other necessary materials.


Crystalverts: Sir, you said something the other time about this project, visiting oko prison in Benin City. With this how do you think the prison inmates would open up and be free with you, especially those who are highly indisposed?


Sleem nation A pre-visit has been done, assisted by the warders. With the plans we have on ground, we believe they will be free to accommodate us.


Crystalverts: What if it turns out other way round?


Sleem nation: well. We pray it’s doesn’t!!


Crystalverts: With your plans laid ahead, you’ve been taking about “we”, which means you have a team you work with, how has it been working with people around you, how have you been able to manage them?


Sleem nation: Yea. I call them my “Friends”. They have been awesome, supportive and dedicated, am I permitted to mention their names?


Crystalverts: Yes, you are..


Sleem nation: Thanks. The likes of Alabi Babajide ( Vj Jindexy), Deji Zeal (Zeal Graphics), Adedokun David (Adoss) and Olatiboye Ooreoluwa (Mz Kore). They’ve been supportive!!!


Crystalverts: Wao. It’s great to know you have great friends who would always be there to support you. What’s your advice for youths out there who need to get on their feet and act fast?


Sleem nation: To the youths, discover your talent, work on it, don’t wait for anybody to tell you what to do (Be your own boss) dedicate time for RESEARCH, be consistent, build a great team of intellectuals, stay humble to everybody, let your purpose drive you every day and be Prayerful!!! You are going places!!


Crystalverts: Those words are great. Thanks a lot sir, we’d love you to drop your contact for those who would love to follow you up concerning the project.


Sleem nation: Call/Whatsapp- 08137566501, Instagram @sleem_nation, Twitter @sleem Nation


Crystalverts: We would like to stop here. It’s a great honor to have you on this platform, more blessings upon your work. Thanks for your time and support. To our great readers out there, this segment is published every two weeks and it has been great having you reading our chat interviews.

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