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Hi people, welcome to the second edition of CRYSTALVERTS CHAT INTERVIEW SEGMENT. Today’s interview segment welcomes one of our fast rising artiste in Nigeria popularly known as SISDAB. So, sit back, read carefully, enjoy and be motivated. Thank you.


CV:  Good day sir, Starting with this, can we meet you??


SISDAB: Olaniyan Omodolapo Ifeoluwa that’s what I am. I’m better known as Sisdab.



CV:  How did you come about your stage name Sisdab and what’ does it mean?


SISDAB: It was birthed towards the end of 2006 by using the first alphabets of my names to create an insignia for myself. It’s an acronym which goes thus; Success Is Something Dynamic Achiever Believes


CV: Great, sounds amazing. What inspired Sisdab to start singing? Who are those that influenced and inspired you?


SISDAB: I would say exploration of a different field generally and the desire for creativity in Rap music to be specific. The likes of the late lyrical tycoon Dagrin, Olamide, Vector and Reminisce influenced it.


CV: Exploration of a different field! So, How many tracks do you have now and when did you record your first single?


SISDAB: I’ve recorded over 10 tracks; I did my first recording in 2014.


CV: With the look of things, you are killing two birds with a stone. How has it been combining your education and music career?


SISDAB: Obviously it’s a herculean task but you just find a way to create time for something that’s important to you regardless of the circumstance.


CV: Thanks for that. Research reveals that you rap mostly in Yoruba Language, what actually inspired that?? Why not rap in another language??


SIDAB: I wouldn’t say Yoruba rap in total. because it’s a hybrid kind of rap although Yoruba language is the leading portion of the pie chart. There’s still a little blend of English language and Nigerian Pidgin English (NPE).


CV: Nice, and what has been your major challenge in the music Industry so far???


SISDAB: The road to stardom is totally rough if not disjointed, I just have to prepare for the best and hope for the best.


CV: Sir Sisdab, examining your rap style and language input, If you’re opportuned to select the record label in which you want, which one will it be?? Or better still do you wish to start yours as well.


SISDAB: I’ve always wanted YBNL, there’s no doubt about that because it embraces my kind of music. If it’s not YBNL then it should be a good label that believes in my style of music.


CV: Thank you so much and what should the lovers of Sisdab and Crystalverts expect from Sisdab in the nearest future?


SISDAB: I never cease to amuse my fans; you should all expect greater things. Greatness is all I live for.


CV: Thank you very much for your time and attention. What are your parting words? What advice do you have for other youths looking up to you??


SISDAB: Just be real to yourselves; believe in your craft because you can’t convince the next man to do so if you’re a doubting Thomas yourself. If no one is motivating you, you have to motivate yourself. Above all, put God first.


C.V:  Sir Sisdab, it’s a great honor to have this chat interview with you. Truly indeed you are setting legacy in the music industry. Please drop your contacts for those who would love to follow you on your various social media accounts.

SISDAB:  Contact me on 08134359580, on Instagram @sisdabofficial, twitter @sisdab_of_life, Facebook page @sisdabofficial. Thank you so much.

C.V:   Thank you sir, for having this chat interview with CRYSTALVERTS. Dear readers, we believe you’ve learnt one thing or the other. Stay motivated always. Follow us at Crystalverts, we create and plan adverts, event and sales promotions. Contact us on 08106700405, 09091795983, on instagram @crystalverts and on facebook @crystal verts.

Join us next two weeks for another edition of our chat interview segment. Also, always remember to check for news and entertainment updates on Triotinaija. Till then, Stay motivated.

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