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CRSTALVERTS Personality Of the Week: Ibadan Finest Comedian, MC RAPINDADY



Hi dear readers, Good day to you all. Im pleased you are joining us for the fifth edition of our chat interview segment. Today, we present to you a great comedian who has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry within and outside Oyo state. Our great OAP at Lagelu FM, Ibadan popularly known as MC RAPINDADY.


Crystalverts: Good day sir. We would love you to introduce yourself to our readers.

Mc Rapindady: Im Jolomi Raphael by name.

Crystalverts: Everyone calls you MC Rapindady, apart from being an MC, what other things are you into?


Mc Rapindady: Thank you. Basically Im an MC and a comedian, an OAP and a recording artist, and Im also into fashion

Crystalverts: Wao. Sounds great. Five in one! MC Rapindady, can you please explain what the name MC RAPINDADY connotes.

Mc Rapindady: Hmmmmm theres a short story that brought about that name. It is nickname I was given since I was a toddler by my parents. And I grew up loving it.

Crystalverts: Short story?? Would you like to share it, so that we could learn from it

Mc Rapindady: There used to be a young man who happened to be an electrician, whose nick was rapindady. I became very happy around him as a baby and with time, his name was transferred to me.

Crystalverts: Wao! Which means you grew as a happy man. Sir, you introduced yourself as a Mc, comedian, OAP, recording artist, and also into fashion. This sounds great. Coupled with the fact that you always have a busy schedule, your funny instagram posts and your work. How have you been able to balance it all?

Mc Rapindady: Its not that easy but I have been able to pull through with hard work and positivity.

Crystalverts: Positivity and hard work. Hmmm.. Sir, The sole aim of this interview segment is to motivate and teach youths about how to overcome challenges in life, i’d love you to explain how the whole success story started and how you were able to build yourself.

Mc Rapindady: Just like a lot of beginners out there, it wasn’t easy, there was no capital, no support, and at the beginning, the hope was very slight. But along the line things became better. I am a kind of person who never gives up, consistency is key. When you start something and you stop half way, people tend to label you as the non-serious type. Follow the tides of time, push through, and work on yourself. Then the results will follow.

Crystalverts: No capital, no support. You didn’t give up and you continued. Sir, who are your influences?

Mc Rapindady: When you have a direction and you are determined to walk in it, you will have a smooth ride. I’ve always wanted the best out of my craft, I’ve had a lot of disappointments, but I think I have been able to overcome the challenges I can overcome and am trying to manage the ones I cant overcome. Winners dont quit and they dont give up. I am a very positive thinker, I always know that there is a solution hidden somewhere, only if i search for it. Thats the drive.

Crystalverts: Thanks for that Sir. Research reveals that youve handled a lot of big weddings in and out of Oyo state. How have you been able to do that and how do you get people to patronize you?

Mc Rapindady: Yes, by Gods grace I have anchored over 120 weddings. I’m a wedding specialist, I do well at weddings and my clients keep coming. When you do a good job in the presence of a large number of people, they are watching and they know what is good for them too when it is time for their event. And thank God for social media too. It has been a beautiful experience because I love weddings.

Crystalverts: Thats great sir. Youve been in this entertainment industry for some ears now and you know whats going on in the industry. What are the challenges so far in the entertainment industry, and how have you been able to overcome the challenges?

Mc Rapindady: The major challenge we have is that there are too many fake people around, too many haters; a lot of people want to bring you down so that they can have what you have all to themselves. It is a very bitter experience but with Gods wisdom and understanding we are pushing through.

Crystalverts: who are your influences and what motivates you?

Mc Rapindady: Every great man i see doing exploit in their various fields are more like an influence to me. People like Kelvin Hart, Christiano Ronaldo, Kunle Afolayan, and Barrack Obama. I want to be like them too someday.

Crystalverts: What’s your advice for youths out there who are inspired by what you do?

Mc Rapindady: My advice for all the guys trying to push forward in life is to remain focused, dont be distracted by alcohol, women, affluence and all sorts that can make you lose focus. We will all get to the top.
Crystalverts: Thanks boss. We would like you to drop your contact for our dear readers who would love to contact and make transactions with you.

Mc Rapindady: Instagram @rapindady
Facebook fan page. Mc Rapindady comedian

Crystalverts: We would like to draw the curtain here. Its a great honor to have this chat interview with you sir, more blessings upon your work. Thanks for your time and support. To our great readers out there, this segment is published every two weeks and it has been great having you reading our chat interviews. Follow us on IG @Crystalverts, FB @Crystal verts.
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