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Coffee Benefits: Different Kinds And Why You Should Drink Coffee



A whole lot of people take coffee when they need to wake up or stay awake to do a certain thing, especially if they have a lot of work to do and are trying to avoid sleep. Others to warm up their day when they wake up. You might say for energy boost too. This is so because coffee contains caffeine, not all though.  Having it as a treat can be another reason some people choose to have coffee. They just love it and want to have it at any chance they can get their hands and lips on it.

I hope it’s not weird to say I like coffee because of the taste and just the way it smells. One time I ran out of the room spray, I decided to brew coffee and have it in my bedroom so that my room can have that nice scent I love, “coffee”. Other reasons people take coffee are:

  1. To just have a relaxed time.
  2. Because they need something refreshing.
  3. Suddenly they feel thirsty and need something to drink.
  4. Probably to help pass time at any moment.
  5. Many people take it to focus. Focusing on a chore or want to read or anything serious at all.
  6. You can have coffee for breaks.
  7. Sometimes, you just need to have an alone time. Not just with your books or music or games or movies. Coffee is also an option too.
  8. When you want a healthy drink.



As you can see the different reasons people take coffee, I wonder what your own reason is. Now we have looked into why people drink coffee, why don’t we see the different type of coffee we have. Maybe your favourite is there or you still have more to taste before you pick a favourite, rather you may love all.

CAPPUCCINO: Cappuccino is made with more milk than usual and few drops of coffee oil is added to black coffee that is extracted from coffee beans.

ESPRESSO: This isn’t for those who love mild coffee or sweet coffee, else you won’t enjoy this. Espresso is pure coffee made with water and coffee beans and has no milk at all. It generally is made using specific extracting machines and coffee shops usually have it.

AMERICANO: Americano is a single coffee shot added to a cup of hot water. You can call it diluted kind of espresso. Some people like it with little creamer, sugar or brown sugar to make it taste a little creamy and sweet.

BLACK COFFEE: Black coffee is just water extract or coffee beans or coffee powder. This is a coffee I don’t like to have because it only contains little sweetener or no sweetener added to it. Coffee beans is brewed in water; you add more coffee powder to it depending on how strong you want to have it. Black coffee originally is meant to be bitter but like I said earlier, you can add sweetener to it.

CAFÉ LATTE: I love this because it is traditionally served with sliced cakes or cookies. It is made with a shot of coffee and 3 parts of steamed milk. Most people prefer it because of its creamy taste. You can add sweetener if you want or maybe try having it with Nutella. Yummy right? I know lots of ladies out there will have this as part of their favorite, if not their favorite like me.

TURKISH COFFEE: Turkish coffee is served with a glass of water and locum (anything goes with it). Lots of sugar is added to it in good quantity.

FLAT WHITE: Flat white coffee is served in coffee shops. It is the same coffee on which latte art is made. Flat white is made with equal proportions of coffee espresso and thick milk. Sugar is added.

CAFÉ MOCHA: Café mocha is made by mixing together 2 parts of steamed milk, 2 parts of espresso and 1 part chocolate syrup with a sweetener. It is commonly layered in the ceramic cup with espresso at the bottom then chocolate and milk at the top.

IRISH COFFEE: this coffee is a kind of black coffee with light whiskey. Usually topped with whipped cream.

ICED COFFEE: It is known as an after meal drink or what you have to just keep cool or relax especially during the holidays. It is brewed and mixed with little milk (depending on how dark you want your coffee to be).

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