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Why Black Panther Featured THAT Chibok Girls Scene

Marvel’s Black Panther has been a massive hit in cinemas since it premiered and an even bigger hit with people of color all over the world.

The movie was also of significance to Nigerians as in an early scene, the writers and producers decided to go away from the comic book story and instead we got T’Challa and Okoye sabotaging a group of terrorists (presumed to be members of the Boko Haram sect) in the now famous Sambisa Forest and releasing some kidnapped girls (Chibok Girls).

During an interview on The Raro Lae ShowBlack Panther executive producer, Nate Moore discussed the scene:

“The notion that Wakanda exists, has all these resources, and is in Africa — a continent that is plagued by conflict of different kinds — we knew we wanted to tell a story of whether or not they’d feel a sense of responsibility.

And [missing Chibok girls] is a conflict that is unfortunately still ongoing. We wanted them to come face to face with a real thing.

We would have been cheapening what Wakanda meant if we didn’t tackle that, because this is a real thing that people should be aware of if they are not. We didn’t want to exploit it, we wanted to shine a light on it.”

You can listen to the interview here

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