#BBNaija 2018 Day 15: The Struggle For Immunity Beckons

The last #bbnaija Live Show was a revealing one that certainly shook the Housemates and changed their entire attitude towards the game. However, the #bbnaija housemates seemed less relaxed and more than a few showed concerns and fears about what’s to come.

The momentum gained in the #bbnaija house was an entirely different one depending on which side of the spectrum the housemates found themselves on. With Cee-C Failing to make it through to the Head of House qualifiers and the guys failing to the point of no return, it was evident that a power change was in the offing.

This meant that neither Tobi nor Cee-C could emerge as head of house this week and this seems like something the other #bbnaija housemates would cherish, especially since they havent performed well in the leadership position.

The declarations by the housemates during the diary room sessions and the revelations from the live show all seem to have been the catalyst to strategic talk and the revelations of nicely hidden agendas.

Much was revealed when Miracle and Nina were gisting about their position in the House, talking about how much they hated ‘fake’ people. Miracle seemed to have a soft spot for Tobi because of having been saved. He made it known that he believed Teddy A believed he was better than everyone and constantly delivered side punches directed at Tobi.

On the other hand, Tobi revealed that the other #bbnaija Housemates basically never looked at him as an individual, as he’s always associated to Cee-c, who is blamed for the downfall of the pair.

However, This cosiness and constant nods of agreement seemed to be driving the two pairs Cebi (Cee-C, Tobi) and Mina (Miracle, Nina) to form an alliance.

Prior to the Head of House Challenge, Bamteddy (Bambam, Teddy A) were rather confident about their strategy. Bambam mentioned that everyone assumed she will win and when it happens, they will bring their enemies to their knees.

The conversation soon turned to Tobi and Cee-C and Bamteddy talked about how the pair were stripped of their former glory and suddenly started acting nice. It was evident that they disliked thhe pair and wanted to give Cebi a dose of their own medicine. However, fate had a different plan asthe train went off the rails and shot to the direction of Khloe.

With an inevitable clash brewing in the #bbnaija house, the tension has reached an immense level. With the two pairs trying to prove their supremacy, there’s bound to be more than a few punches, hurts and bruises. The question however is who will come out unscathed?

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