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Awful Things That Happen If You Don’t Brush Your Tongue



At times most attention is always on the teeth, making the teeth clean and ignoring the tongue but did you know that cleaning your teeth is as important as cleaning your teeth? You have to brush your tongue the same way you brush your teeth, if not you might suffer from the listed oral condition.


Dull taste buds: “When you don’t brush your tongue, a coating of bacteria, dead skin cells and food particles can cover your taste buds”. You have to get rid of the coating of bacteria on your tongue or else you might suffer from loss of appetite because you can’t taste anything.


Halitosis: Foul breath is one of the major side effect of not brushing your tongue, the bacteria breeding on the tongue leads to foul and offensive odours. “The odour causing bacteria tends to stay in the back of your tongue, so it is important that you brush your tongue regularly”.


Black, hairy tongue: “You can have a black, hairy tongue if the papillae on your tongue get stained from leftover food particles especially if particles are never brushed away that gives the tongue a dark, furry appearance and it should disappear if you start cleaning”.


Gingivitis: The bacteria buildup on the tongue can spread to the teeth leading to inflamed gums and gingivitis and if left untreated, the inflammation can advance to periodontal disease.


Oral thrush: When the bacteria levels in the mouth get out of whack from not brushing the tongue, and the yeast grows out of control and one can suffer from oral thrush. Oral thrust can be seen as those white patches on the tongue.

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