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Alleged Mismanagement : FUTA ex-SUG President rebuffed allegations



The immediate past Students’ Union president alleged to have mismanaged money in the tune of #990,000 has rebuffed rumors of the alleged misappropriation, in his message to the Muslim on Eid El-fitr day states that his hands are clean and that he does not in anyway spent the union money without approval, he said

“Permit me to start with these words:
He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” – John 8:7
My attention has been drawn to an aspect of the widely circulated resolutions of the First Business Meeting of the 2017/2018 FUTASUG SRC which bothers on the alleged mismanagement of the sum of N990,000 (NINE HUNDRED AND NINETY THOUSAND NAIRA) by my humble self as the the President of FUTASUG.

I want to state clearly that I, Oladele Olusegun “SOLAR”, managed the funds of the FUTASUG prudently. I and my fellow Union officials made judicious use of every penny of the financial members of our beloved Union. Every financial transaction made by my administration was duly recorded. All evidences of payment have been presented and submitted to the FUTASUG. It is very important I state that the kind of union we run does not allow and will never give room for the misappropriation of fund.

It is blatant falsehood that I did not honour the invitation of the investigative committee set up by the Union. As the immediate Chief Servant of the Union, I am not oblivious to the fact that no FUTA student is bigger than the Union. Thus I have presented myself twice to the investigative committee of the Union to shed more light on the ambiguity which led to the weighty allegations capable of tarnishing my hard-earned reputation which I have toiled so hard over the years to build.
I want to use this medium to inform FUTARIANS and the general public that all FUTASUG financial transactions go through a rigorous process of preparation by the Union, before being vetoed by the Union’s Staff Adviser and the Dean, Student’s Affairs Division. It is after this rigorous process that any amount can be withdrawn from the Union’s coffers. It is very important I state that the kind of Union we run does not allow and will never allow misappropriation of fund.

It is very crucial that I inform FUTARIANS and the general public that the administration I led has not only been prudent in managing the Union’s finances but also we were very committed and faithful to the mandate we received from the the generality of the students. I shall, in due course, and after proper consultation, make public the finances and expenditure my administration made.


It is on record that what has not been done or achieved was made possible during my years of service as both the Assistant General Secretary (under the leadership of President Fowobaje “POPE-JERO”) and then as the Chief Servant of the Union. My administration faced the toughest times in the the recent history of our institution. I find it very painful that despite my regime’s endless and selfless service to humanity such weighty allegation are being leveled against me. What I find most worrying is the fact that I was not given a fair hearing before being unjustly accused. This poses a great danger to our dear Union as young and aspiring comrades might be discouraged from taking up the mantle of leadership and it’s associated responsibilities for fear of being ridiculed, persecuted and castigated after serving the Union meritoriously.

And to all our Muslim faithfuls, I use this medium to congratulate us on the completion of the Ramadan fast and wish you a wonderful *Eid Fitri*.”

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