For a you to emerge, you must know yourself, Find yourself then birth yourself. For a Man that Knows himself life would cater for him.

Do you Know yourself??  Do you know your kind of person, do you know who you really are?? do you know what interest you. Your Person is something that speaks through you, what goes through your mind most times. You have to find your Individuality.


Once you birth yourself you can begin to walk the path of immortality and also work your individuality. Your birth phase would find yourself. You are the architect of your life.

KNOW2 Most people do not see opportunities around them because they have been conditioned wrongly, who says you can’t make it in Nigeria here, who says Greener Pasture is only Abroad, Your Orientation Must Change.

During Creation God thought to himself, if he keeps Greener Pasture in Heaven Man would find it because he has given us the dominion to do so, if he keeps it in the deep sea, we would also find it, then he said to them if he keeps it within US it would take Longer Period to find it, So why not look around you, YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY GREENER PASTURE, change your orientation, stop having this belief that until you go Abroad you wouldn’t make it.

Until you have given birth to yourself, youKNOW cannot give birth to other people. What kind of person are you, do u believe in yourself, do you see anything as impossible, do you give up or get Discourage Easily.

Make your life count,don’t live a life of Mediocre, let it be a life of immortality, Stop getting comfortable with excuses.


BY: Molake P.

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