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Olajumoke Gives 40 Bread Hawkers ₦5,000 Each at Bakery She Used To Work



Encomium Magazine caught up with Olajumoke Orisaguna, who is already paying it forward. On April 19 she gave 40 bread hawkers ₦5,000 each thanks to a philanthropist at Liberty Bakery, where she used to work.


Read Exception from the interview below:

The Best Part About Her New Place

She said she’s enjoying her new home and her best part of the apartment for her is the bedroom, as it’s a huge change from sleeping on the floor of the bakery. It’s nice for their girls to have their own room.


Her morning routine is to pray, cook, clean, wake up her children, then have them all eat together as a family.

Working Life

She said her husband is currently making aluminium windows, and they are working on honing his craft further.

On her end, she’s gotten one major job since she moved and said she doesn’t miss hawking, she’s a model now. She’s focusing on finishing school now, before her IT (industrial training) at Make Me Salon starts.

She’s very thankful to everyone (brands and individuals) who have supported her and she prays for them and their children, saying that only God can reward them.

Friends & Family

Olajumoke says she’s the same Olajumoke people close to her have always known. Her husband and children are her only friends now. She says her personality is not to go friends’ houses to gossip.

Her parents keep in touch – have visited the new home and call frequently.

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