5 things we learned from Saraki’s press statement

Nigeria Senate president Tuesday Bukola Saraki officially announced his defection from Nigeria’s ruling party All Progressives Congress.

Saraki later issued a statement to explain why he had to dump the APC after he announced his defection through his social media accounts.

He stated, “This is not a decision that I have made lightly. If anything at all, I have tarried for so long and did all that was humanly possible, even in the face of great provocation, ridicule and flagrant persecution, to give an opportunity for peace, reconciliation and harmonious existence.

Here are 5 things we learned from Saraki’s press statement

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and national chairman of APC Adams Oshiomhole made efforts to stop the defections of party members.

Saraki was ready to reconsider staying in APC but some other leaders of the APC frustrated the efforts of Osinbajo and Oshiomole to make him stay.

People’s Democratic Party had taken Nigerians for granted in the past.

The biggest challenge Nigeria is facing is disunity.

According to Saraki PDP has learnt more from its defeat than the APC has learnt from its victory.

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