5 Reasons You May Want To Reconsider Wearing An Engagement Ring

For a number of reasons, getting engaged is one thing every woman looks forward to in this part of the world.

Asides family and societal expectations, a lot of Nigerian women tend to see getting engaged for a prospective marriage as a core achievement since it culturally cements their status in womanhood.

More so,  engagement rings are something women love to flaunt and swoon over. As such, it’s natural for you to want to wear your engagement ring all the time once you’ve gotten one.

This however shouldn’t be the case all the time. Some engaged people may see wearing a ring as a discomfort or a taboo while others simply see it as an inconvenience.


Even though flashing your gold, silver or platinum ring may seem like the normal thing to do, there are a number of reasons why you may want to consider leaving that shiny bling off your finger. Check out five reasons why you should reconsider putting on your engagement ring.

You Don’t Want Everyone To Know Your Story
There’s absolutely no rule that says a woman has to wear her engagement or wedding ring everyday and choosing to, or not to is entirely at each persons discretion.

Some people feel not everyone should be in on their story, i.e whether they are married, single or still searching. Given the cultural clime of the black world and the beliefs of some in spirituality, some would rather not wear an engagement ring until their better half walks down the aisle with them.

Walking around with a symbol on your finger doesn’t mean men will stay off you. In fact, some men have been known to be more attracted to women that are engaged.

You’ve Got A Hands-On Job
Wearing jewellery can be hazardous in certain professions. Professions such as the health care industry, engineering and art may require you to take off your jewellery including your rings to avoid them becoming a hazard to you or getting them messy.

As a result, it is easier to take your ring off, either before going to work (which is safer) or doing so at work. It’s best however to explain it to your significant other to avoid disagreement and distrust.

It’s Very Expensive
Quite a number of engagement rings are worth a fortune and putting them on all the time may expose you to thieves and armed robbery.

In some cases, some people have an engagement or wedding band that is of much value than the cash they have. This is a good reason to put it away in a safe place to avoid losing it.

Some may think this reason is silly, especially giving the fact that a lot of people will prefer to wear their ring all the time. But knowing that you have a possession that is too valuable to flaunt around carelessly on a daily basis is a good reason not to put it on.

You Prefer Not To Be Flashy
The type of ring you were given by your spouse is a good reason why a number of women choose not to down their engagement rings.

Some rings with large stones draw a lot of unwanted states to the finger which may make some people feel like they are showing off.

Some women prefer not to show off and avoid the uncomfortable atmosphere which unwanted states create. This may necessitate them not putting their rings on everyday.

You Leave It For Fancy Occasions
Some women prefer to wear their rings only on fancy and special occasions. This is because they tend to see their rings as special objects that should be reserved for happy and interesting moments.

This will usually mean that they leave their engagement finger bare most times and they would only be seen wearing their rings at special events and dressy occasions.

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