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5 Easy Breakfast Combos That Will Rock Your World



It is no longer news that breakfast is not a meal to be joked with, nevertheless, many people don’t have the time to make an elaborate production of it. Consider the following “ready-made” delicacies you can easily buy:

  1. Bread and Beans

This is a combo for royalty. Ewa agoyin is simply mashed beans topped with a special sauce made with plenty onions and palm oil. To get the full “area” effect, opt for local agege bread. Alternatively, you can eat your beans with yam.

This yummy beans meal is one of the few I’d rather buy than cook at home. If you have never tried this, you are advised to repent immediately. Commonly hawked by a pair, it is readily available at affordable prices.


  1. Yam and Egg

Boiled or fried, yam tastes yummy with fried eggs. Egg stew or scrambled egg, there is no limit to the bits and pieces such as vegetables, fish and hotdogs that you can mix in with your egg. It is easy to make or you can buy from a vendor around you.


  1. Akara and Pap

For many Nigerians, this is the standard Saturday morning delicacy. You can either choose to have it fried in palm oil or groundnut oil. The best of akara is rich in onions and contains fresh pepper instead of dry pepper. If you like milk, pap tastes yummy when resting in a river of milk. Alternatively, you can eat your hot akara in sandwich form with soft bread.

  1. Noodles and Egg

Simple as this meal is, there are a number of creative ways in which it can be prepared. You can decide to boil or fry the eggs, they can be scrambled or mixed with veggies. As for the noodles, you can choose from a wide variety of brand and flavor. Besides, you can stir in vegetables and protein according to your taste.

  1. Puff Puff and Tea

If you are like me; looking to add some weight, this combo is for you. Puff puff is one of the many treasures of the street that is readily available. Made of fried leavened dough, it is often sold by street vendors in the mornings.

My personal favorite is from “Iyawo”, as we fondly refer to the vendor around my house; and I’d rather team it up with a chilled bottle of coke.

However, to avoid negative health report, you may want to refrain from making puff puff a regular meal.

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