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5 Digital Skills That Can Turn Money For You – As A Student

As a freelancer and a student in the digital age, you evolve your skills to meet the needs of your market.
You remain agile and educated on new tools, tactics, and strategies. Whether it’s the hot new thing in content marketing or the latest design trend, you need to be ready to adapt to the trends that will have the highest return for your clients.
You can do this by either building up your own skills in that area or hiring freelancers to collaborate with. That’s just what it takes to me a successful freelancer today.
On a broader level, you need to know what businesses are hiring for – what skills are in demand. 

1. Marketing strategy
Many clients still seek help planning and understanding how to craft and deliver their message to their target audience. We saw several clients looking for one-time audit and strategies to act as a roadmap for their communications efforts. Most of these jobs were with early-stage tech companies and focused on assisting with the launch of a product.

2. Copywriting and editing
Many companies were in need of writing and editing for website copy, emails, bios, app descriptions, ads and more. These jobs were looking for writers and editors skilled in creating engaging, short-form content that would convert customers. They needed freelancers with great grammar, attention to detail, understanding of their brand voice and experience in marketing.

3. Social media
No matter the platform of choice, companies know social media is an effective channel for reaching customers. Although most of the roles were for organic social media efforts, we saw more paid social media roles towards the end of the year. As social media platforms tweak their algorithms with a preference for paid posts, we’ll continue to see an uptick in paid social jobs.

4. Content marketing, writing and blogging
Content production and marketing were also in high demand and supply with over 1, 000 Peeps identifying content as a specialty. Some companies posted jobs seeking content strategy or content marketing. Others were looking for bloggers or writers. But they were all seeking the same skills: writing and distribution. Also notable were companies in art and interior design seeking content creation for their blogs.

5. 3D Design
These jobs spanned both marketing and product. There were several jobs geared towards graphic design, looking for landing pages, eBook, presentation and email design, as well as brand design and logo help. We also saw a significant increase in early stage companies looking for website and product designers.

Source: EduRegard

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