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4 Dangerous Health Effects Of Artificial Eyelashes

Having thick, long lashes is every lady’s dream but how far can ladies go to get this lashes of their dreams? Ladies have gone beyond the trusty mascara wand to extreme measures just to get this thick and long lashes, forgetting that the eye is the most sensitive organ of the body, and can be damaged easily when in contact with any foreign body.
Eyelash fixing has become a very popular trend in the fashion world, even a must-have to a perfect and a glamorous look for women, with them neglecting it’s health implications. “Eyelash extensions are a beauty treatment in which individual synthetic extensions are applied to natural eyelashes while an “Artificial eyelash” also known as fake eyelashes is one that is serving as a supplement to your existing eyelash or a replace for a period of time and they are available in array of hues and textures, in full or individual strands”.
Ladies, below are some side effects of those artificial/fake eyelashes you fix.
Damage to natural eyelashes: “In some cases, the adhesive used to connect the natural and artificial eyelash can break the natural eyelash, according to experts, a condition called traction alopecia can develop if there is too much strain on the hair folicle of the natural eyelash and some people can even have permanent hair loss due to this condition, the pressure exerted in fixing the lashes can also cause damage to the hair folicles on the eyelids, thus, making the natural lash to become sparse, brittle and break off easily due to too much pressure on them, leading to slow growth or even stops their growth permanently”.

Eye infection or injury:
 “The process of attaching the eyelash extensions is very dangerous since the tools come in close proximity to the eyes, the adhesive if not carefully applied may end up reaching the eyes and even the slightest eye irritation can cause severe eye infection”.
Eye sensitivity: “The adhesive can cause sensitivity and irritation to the skin, people with sensitive skin usually suffer from rashes and irritation due to adhesive, eye irritation and sensitivity can cause infection that can lead to eye damage or even vision loss”.
Trapping dirt: “Hygiene- wise, false eyelashes are a risk as they tend to trap dirt and bacteria, natural eyelashes prevents dirt, foreign material, sweat and bacteria from entering into the eyes, by trapping and keeping out anything that comes near the eyes but fake eyelashes tend to trap and hold anything that comes around them and these harmful particles that are trapped most times causes irritation to the eyelids and eyes”.

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