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10 Ways You Could Be Cheating On Your Partner Emotionally



Emotional cheating is a phrase that has been thrown around for more than a decade and its concept is blurry at best. It destroys your relationship from inside out like the little worm and makes you succumb to physical cheating not to mention lying to the person you care about. Many times the actions associated with emotional cheating are not crimes in themselves. Some of them could be even regarded as socially acceptable but they eat at the relationship and soon a web of little white lies and misplaced priorities is spun and your focus starts to shift.

Once emotional cheating is birthed in its entirety, given the right opportunity, physical cheating occurs and becomes the main event! Little wonder most people who are caught cheating say it just happened. unaware of the fact that they’ve been emotionally cheating for a long while and their defenses were lowered.

Here are some ways you could unknowingly be cheating emotionally already:

1. Thinking about another guy/girl in a romantic way

2. Thinking about another guy/girl in a s*xual way


3. Hanging out with a guy/girl who you know likes you and who you sort of fancy though you have a boyfriend/girlfriend

4. Being too close to a work colleague or friend of the opposite s*x to the extent that s/he knows more about your life and thought processes than your man/woman

5. Being too close to an ex

6. Receiving gifts and accepting help from a guy/girl who is obviously going out of his/her way for you despite the fact that you know they have ulterior motives and your man/woman would be mad if s/he found out.

7. Dressing extra nice because of some guy/girl

8. Lying to your boyfriend/girlfriend about who you are hanging out with or who you are talking to on the phone even if you justify that you are not doing anything physically wrong.

9. Telling another man/woman about your relationship issues and accepting his/her shoulder to cry on and talking bad about your boo to him, even though you know the guy/girl is single and wants you.

10. Calling your man/woman another man or woman’s name whether in bed or in a conversation!

Emotional cheating is just as terrible as physical cheating and one usually leads to the other even if it takes years to mature.

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