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#TNList: 15 habits Ladies hate in Nigerian Guys

There are many habits  Ladies hate in a Nigerian guy. Most guys are so fond of these bad habits but nevertheless a typical Nigerian man can change if the Lady can try to help him change. Here are the top 15 habits ladies habit in a Nigerian guy

1. Poor hygiene

You might not look as great as Salvador in the series “Second Chance” but smell good at least. If you have mouth odor, you can go around with a small mouth spray. Wear clean and fitted clothes, great smell and great scent from your mouth can get you to being our Salvador.



2. Alcohol addiction

Drinking once in a while isn’t bad especially if you have to hang out with your friends every now and then but making it a habit is where the problem lies. Ladies want their guy to think and talk straight not being under the influence of alcohol all the time. It’s so not sexy.


3. Bad table manners

We all have to eat but can you at least take what your mouth can chew comfortably? You don’t have to let your chewing be loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Eat but then, moderately, Ladies don’t want you starving, yet they don’t want to be irritated either.



4. Not paying attention

Give her compliments when you see her ,ask her about her day, rub her feet when she is tired, gossip with her, tell her she is beautiful several times. Women love attention greatly. I cannot overemphasize the importance of giving ladies your attention. Some ladies even prefer it to money (money is bae too though). Stop asking the same thing over and over, it means you were never listening, be there when she needs you, just give her that and you’re good.

This is the worst date ever.


5. Bad etiquette (vulgar/lousy)

So you saw your friend and you have to hail him in so much slang and loud enough to alert the entire community, is it ever that serious? You’re having a discussion and you make it sound like it’s a rap battle, calm down bruh, Ladies like it strong but gentle still.

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young man gets angry while driving the car --- Image by © Sandra Hoever/Corbis

6. Excessive flirting

A Lady said “I remember my friend coming to my house with her so called boyfriend and the guy said I should come sit on his lap, telling me how beautiful I was, you know the drill. If you do this, just stop already, it’s so unattractive. Admire the girl and look away, that’s what real men do”.



7. Arrogance and show boating

So what if you have 10 cars and 72 houses, do you have to remind Ladies everytime? ‘’I told my driver to go tell my steward to tell my gardener to tell my laundryman to….” Stop it. She knows already and guess what? They don’t care. Quick tip: You’ll make a better impression on her if she finds out all these by herself

Handsome happy man pointing himself isolated on a white background

8. Clingy and needy

A Lady said Being clingy and needy has never been attractive to me regardless of the gender that has such trait. For men, it’s even worse because you’re supposed to be a MAN but then, you always want this or that, or you want to be everywhere we are, take a break so we won’t take it for you.

Businessman Kissing Businesswoman's Leg --- Image by © Roy McMahon/Corbis


9. Unambitious/lacking potential

You just want everything to fall into place without having a plan on how to make that happen. You should be called the dreamer and now is the time to wake up. There’s nothing sexier than a man who works hard towards the actualization of his dreams, even if you’re not there,Ladies would  have hope that you’d be there someday. DO SOMETHING NOW!!!


10. Anger issues

Your having a bad day doesn’t mean everyone should have a bad day too. Stop that transfer of aggression. Even if someone pushes you to the wall, its better to walk away than break things or even beat the person up, no one can deal with that.

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11. Selfishness

I need this and that, have you ever stopped to think about what she needs too, its not necessary yeah? Why not shift your focus from you to your lady sometimes, care if she had a bad day or if she is happy instead of making it about you all the time.

man with big red heart

12. Chain smoker

Ladies like Wiz Khalifa but is he their dream man? Maybe it inspires you and all but errrr, can you find another source of inspiration because ladies don’t see anything attractive about a chain smoker except if we’re there for the money.

20100410, Atlanta, GA: Angel Ramos, in his custom made Astor & Black suit and tie, regularly enjoys smoking cigars, which remind him of time spent with his grandfather. Alison Church/Special.


13. Low self esteem

If you are constantly putting yourself down and you see no good in yourself as a man, you are damaging your woman. She doesn’t want a weakling as a man. Stop feeling inferior and be yourself, you’re awesome but if you don’t feel that way, it’ll be hard for us to be attracted to you or make you feel that way too.dreamstime_m_25999326

14. Nonreligious

Only a fool would think there is no God somewhere, no matter the god you believe in at least serve your God well. Generally women are more religious than men that doesn’t mean as a man you should not serve your god wholeheartedly.


15. Lacking the gentleman traits

Open the door for your lady, pull her chair for her at restaurants or events, have great table manners, shield her from the busy side of the road, behave like a gentleman, dress well, smell nice. It’s all part of a man having good manners and trust me your lady would appreciate you.



We could not have listed the whole habits you dont like in that your Nigerian guy. Kindly give us some other habits you hate in them

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