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TN Relationship: Before You Love Again


Good evening dear Triotans, guess your week has been splendid and hope you have been coping with the fuel scarcity palava? Things are going to be fine soon… I so much believe that.

To the main business, last week I wrote about  Top 5 Breakup Songs To Get Over Your Ex-Lover Today i have something for those people contemplating on starting another relationship.



‘It takes courage to love again when you have been hurt. The alternative is to give up on love. Don’t! Be brave to love and love again.’ – Anonymous



Alright, now that there is no one in your life or you are considering if this person you just met is best suited for you. Let me ask you, what lessons did you learn from the previous relationship?


If you were hurt in the past, have you forgiven your ex? Please know that if you’re still hurting from a failed relationship, you’re not healthy enough to start another one. Why? Your wound is probably still fresh or you’re still healing. If any pain is inflicted on your already existing wound, it can cause you more damage and this in return can make you lash out at your new partner or even make him/her want to pay for the offence your ex committed. Let go of yesterday’s hurt, pain and abuse. Only then are you qualified and certified whole and healthy to give another relationship a try.

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Another way of healing yourself from the past apart from listening to Music as suggested last week, is to love yourself unconditionally. Treat yourself like the king/queen that you are. Learn to encourage and motivate yourself. This is because you can’t love someone else the way they deserve to be loved if you don’t love yourself well enough. Like you ‘You can’t give what you don’t have’.


One thing I want you to know is that not every man is a cheat, not every woman is after your money. There are great individuals whose main concerns are your happiness and joy. Find and surround yourself with such individuals. You can only attract your quality in the opposite sex. You may not be able to attract diamond if all you’re stuffed up with is wood. Birds of a feather flock together. It therefore means if you want a Prince, you have to become a Princess (and vice versa).

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Before you start another relationship, be ready to give your best and be prepared to let your Maker be involved in it all because relationship was and still is His original idea and He is the best matchmaker ever. His record remains unbroken. That your ex left you is not the end of your life, it is the beginning of the best chapters of your life about to be written. I wait to read your love story.


I love you reading this, Please drop your comments


See ya again next week on relationship tips!

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