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T-Mobile has already started shipping Galaxy S8 pre-orders

While the official launch date of Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 flagship is still around a week away, you may receive your unit a bit early if you are on T-Mobile in the US. Yes, the magenta carrier has already started shipping pre-orders for the device.
If you recall, T-Mobile was also the first carrier to start shipping pre-ordered LG G6 units, something which it started doing a couple of weeks before the phone’s official launch date in the US.

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Coming back to the Galaxy S8, the handset is officially set to go on sale in the US on April 21. In case you missed, those who placed their pre-order on Samsung’s official website will also be receiving a freebie – in fact some of them have already started receiving the gift, which is an amplifier speaker dock.gsmarena_001

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