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Sparkling lights blooming up to the sky, like the fireworks on the xmas eve, bright atmosphere and these times seems right, excitement on all faces and souls around are bright and even the trees, the house and the street had come alive.

Sparkling lights seems to remain still, stars stayed longer than the night.
The night has the attribute of the day, cheers in the air, moods in its best
no pressure in the air and all beauties of life seem to be here.

All the curves perfectly shaped and she looks so visible in these dark like
the silhouette, every other views fall behind her. Every other thoughts too, elegantly “she” walks in an honorary sexy way, she swings from left to the right and within me everything feels right and my eyes follows her swings while she rocked back and forth like she is walking in reverse, with every step she takes closer to me it seems like she moves farther from me… And I had to widen my viewing organ… I see her more, I see the lights in her eyes, the smiles on her face and the joy, comfort and happiness that lies beneath her face as it was instantly transmitted into my eyes, and slips in through my face. Solemnly it flows into my veins and I felt like TIWA SAVAGE singing “take it away and I will never be the same”… (Am not patoranking though lol).


I wished to forever remain here, I wished more when she appeared, and on my shoulders most gentle of touch was felt, to my ears most mellow of voice was heard, to my eyes a wonderful figure was in view.. And it felt like I finally found my miss right…

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She said:
Open your heart to me and I will take you through me, fight to stay with me and we shall have something better than LOVE. Rise above HATE and you will have a wonderful faith… Am the fantasy you’ve always had, am LOVE visiting your heart come into me and I will show you a better way to life without getting shattered…. come into LOVE again and YOU will never fall in LOVE again…..

….When her rhythmic and soul lifting voice struck my heart, the wind breezed and my heart quakes as her voice saturated my soul, every part of me went dead my listening ability becomes of my heart, my viewing ability becomes of my nose, I couldn’t move my feet my hands went cold and my lips opened calling her’s and my body clamouring for her flesh to bring it back alive, all I could do was listen and perceive her while a dominant image of her appears in my heart like a catholic priest kneeling while chanting the hail Mary’s adoration to her statue …”hail thee that stood before me come close and sink into me” …was the chant on my lips….

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I reached to hug, kiss and cuddle her but it was an electric surge on my cheeks and suddenly I opened my eyes to find my pillow held tight to my HEART and saw the angry face of my friend ready to land me another SLAP saying “OGaaa u no go wake up!!! We get TEST for nine O’clock!!!!!”…..

OMG!!!! have been dreaming???????

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