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Signs Your Mother-in-law Hates You


Nope, you’re not crazy. Though it might be a hard reality to stomach it, the signs that your mother-in-law hates you are real. Maybe your mother-in-law is a judgmental, nosy parker. Maybe she has no sense of boundaries. Or maybe she’s just mean. Speaking from experience, I can say this situation is the pits. I would get anxiety attacks before hanging out with my ex’s mom, who most definitely hated me. She made me feel like a defensive mess, and this dynamic took its toll on my relationship with her son. And I’m not alone. According to Psychology Today, a nasty mother-in-law situation can not only complicate a romantic relationship, it can destroy it.

But you can also take the high road and try and to show some empathy towards your mother-in-law, even when she hates you. The same Psychology Today article urges you to consider where your mother-inlaw is coming from and to practice calm assertion with even the meanest mothers-in-law. Don’t try and analyze her behavior, though it might help to talk to a professional as I did to learn how to cope without your relationship suffering as a result. Maybe your mother-in-law can’t offer you the relationship of your dreams, but it’s what you’re working with. So, before you try to live with a nasty mother-in-law, see if your mother-in-law displays any of the following signs. If she does, she probably does hate you. Sorry.

She Gives You The Backhanded Compliment

A sneaky way to insult someone is the backhanded compliment. You might not even pick up on the fact that you’re being insulted. But when you do, it really hurts. Nasty stuff.

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She Shows No Interest In Your Job

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, run an internet start-up or cobble together an income from doing any number of things, your job is a big part of your identity. After all, you spend the majority of your day working. Anyone who cares about you, cares about how you spend your time, and in an ideal world, that should include your mother-in-law.

She “Forgets” To Include You In Family Activities

Oops, the so-called unintentional exclusion might make you feel like you’re crazy. It’s designed to make you feel unwelcome. Family get-togethers are supposed to be fun, noted Psychology Today, and should not make you feel victimized. Remember, people reveal who they are by how they choose to act.

She Raves About Your Partner’s Exes

Subtle much? I think not. It’s ridiculously rude to rave about your partner’s exes. And also a sign that your mother-in-law has an axe to grind with you. Dr. Daniel Tomasulo at PsychCentral confirmed it’s a sign of disrespect if a mother-in-law won’t let go of your partner’s exes. The best thing you can do is not let it bother you. You could also call her bluff and tell her she’s hurting your feelings, Tomasulo recommended.

She Says Things That Encourage Your Self-Doubt

One of the most hurtful things anyone can do to you is encourage your self-doubt. Huffington Post revealed the nastiest things mother-in-laws said to their daughters-in-law, and this was at the top of the list.

She Undermines You

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This is especially painful if you have kids, and your mother-in-law undermines your parenting choices. Parents noted this is a sign your mother-in-law not only has no sense of boundaries (yikes), but also is resentful of you (double yikes).

She Belittles Your Accomplishments
You know that parent who you can never please? Not so fun when it’s your mother-in-law. When my ex-mother-in-law belittled my accomplishments, I tried to tell myself it was because she felt badly about her own. That’s called projection, according to Psychology Today, and the worst part about projection, is that if you’re vulnerable, you might believe that what your nasty mother-in-law is saying about you is something you can’t even see.

She Makes No Attempts To Forge Relationships With Your Family

You guys are all family, and as such your mother-in-law should get to know yours. The blending of families is what happens when clans connect. If yours don’t, that’s a sign something’s not so cool between y’all.

She Challenges You At Every Chance

If she admonishes you in public, it’s time for your partner to step in. The Washington Post noted that sometimes, it’s necessary for your partner to align with you to establish the primacy of your family. Public chastisement is intended to take you down and humiliate you. There’s no other way to read that one. So, while you’re a grown-a*s woman who can take care of yourself, it’s not weird to want your partner to have your back on this one.

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