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The Shoe Styles Ladies Can’t Help But Love To See On Their Men


Shoes can either make or break a man. You could be wearing the most expensive suit in the world and your shoes can render them unimpressive. Women are particularly good at spotting good shoes and if you’re thinking of impressing one you’ve being going steady with, or any of them you have your eyes on, then you have to be at the top of your game with the shoes you rock.

Not to worry however, as we have rounded up the top shoes that make women swoon, when they see men rocking them.



Drivers shoes
Drivers tend to blend in nicely with slim jeans, chinos, or a casual cotton suit. More so, when women see that you’re wearing a pair of drivers, they usually conclude that you have a good and reliable means of transportation, which of course is a major turn-on.

Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylor shoes
A lot of women have a soft spot for classic sneakers as they tend to embody some sort of cool playfulness. Throw on a pair of Chucks and you can allow your athletic sneaks catch a break from use.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots
Chukka Boots are perfect for dates, especially since they give off a more manly aura. Furthermore, they tend to show that you put in some effort into your wardrobe assemble and your overall appearance.

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Vans Checkerboard Slip-Ons

Vans checkerboard slip-ons
This slip-ons tells anyone who cares to listen that you’re someone that is fun to be around. They are a timeless nostalgia when it comes to shoes and they make you look like a carefree and reliable man that will chase boredom from their lives.

Italian Leather Shoes

Italian leather shoes
Need we say more? Italian leather shoes basically take your shoe game to a whole new level. They are sexy for women to look upon because they scream success and reflect a man’s quest for the best in life.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots
Similar to the chukka Boots, the Chelsea Boots takes your shoe game to a whole new level. This pair will not only elevate your office wear, but will also do well to earn you instant style points on your next date when you pair them with your favorite jeans or chinos.

Fashion Sneakers

Sneakers shoes
Spending money on a sleek pair of neutral sneakers in crisp white, buttery tan, or jet black is always a good idea. This is because sneakers tend to blend well with jeans and they are a good way for you to show women how much you care about your fashion game and style.


Oxford Wingtips

There is no way you can go wrong with the Oxford Wingtips, especially if you have a quality pair. You can also wear them as long as possible till you get tired of using them, because they look better with age and wear.

Rustic Boots

Rustic boots shoes
Having a pair of rustic Boots shows that you’re a man of the elements and that you prefer kicking through the mud and digging it out on the outside.


Bucks shoes
This casual suede shoe comes with a brick red sole that stands it out. If you’re someone still rocking the academic environment, be sure that you will have a lot women giving you more than a cursory glance when you rock the Bucks.

Suede Penny Loafers

Loafers shoes
This shoe has stood the test of time, and the suede has helped to give it an added twist. You can either choose to dress up or dress down with them. This makes it a very versatile shoe option.

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