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Nigerian guys and relationships

No Money, No Honey… Why you shouldn’t be in a relationship until you can afford one


You need money as much as you need emotional maturity and intelligence in a relationship and until you can afford these, you probably should not be in a relationship. Transactional relationships You must have heard people say there’s no romance without finance, and that when you have no money, you have no honey… this is simply because deep down, most relationships …

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Guys, 7 things every woman wants to hear during sE* x

The right words can turn her on, boost her confidence, and keep her coming back for more. Your woman wants to always communicate with you, and she expects the same from you. During dates, on warm weekend afternoons when you’re both just chilling at home, and even during se*! “Words can be a powerful aphrodisiac and often aren’t used enough,” says Ian …

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Must Read: Guys! Your relationship is as good as dead if you don’t give head


Sex is the only unique thing you’re meant to share with your spouse and nobody else; so you always have to make it bang!   And for a lot of women, a great and vital component of making that happen getting is amazing, oral sex. While the totality of foreplay is important, it’s not news that a solid head game …

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10 Reasons To Date Your Best Nigerian Male Friend


You can spend your whole life looking for the man who loves you for who you truly are, knows about your oddest behaviors (that collection of ceramic pigs, your 90210 obsession, the joy you get out of dancing like a blind monkey, your odd complains, cravings and pleasures) and still accepts you, or you can pick up your phone now and call …

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#TNList: 15 habits Ladies hate in Nigerian Guys


There are many habits  Ladies hate in a Nigerian guy. Most guys are so fond of these bad habits but nevertheless a typical Nigerian man can change if the Lady can try to help him change. Here are the top 15 habits ladies habit in a Nigerian guy 1. Poor hygiene You might not look as great as Salvador in …

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10 Reasons why Nigerian guys wont ask you out

nigerian guys

Yes, some Nigerian guys do not slack in asking a lady out. So many of the Nigerian guys can even ask a Lady out just after few minutes conversations. But why will a Nigerian guy not ask you out? At this point you feel like an exhausted traffic light. You’ve given him the yellow light, green light, even the magical …

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