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Logitech’s sub-$100 deck tempts new mechanical keyboard fans

Mechanical keyboard aficionados may extol the virtues of their chosen device like speed and feel but often downplay how much that luxury will cost you. Many good mechanical keyboards run between $150 and $200, with gaming-centric models jacking up the price thanks to features like RGB lighting and programmable keys. Logitech’s new G413 hopes to indoctrinate the less hardcore by …

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Sony’s A9 is a powerhouse full-frame flagship camera


Sony has just launched its most impressive, and most expensive mirrorless camera yet, the 24.2-megapixel Alpha A9. Equipped with the first ever full-frame stacked CMOS sensor, it’s all about speed, not resolution. The pixel count isn’t that high compared to the 42.4-megapixel Alpha 7R II, but it can shoot up to 241 RAW, full-frame images at a scorching 20 fps, …

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Early Galaxy S8 owners complain of red-tinted screens


Samsung started shipping the Galaxy S8 to customers in South Korea who pre-ordered the flagship phone almost a full week ago. They were probably thinking of how lucky they were to get the phone early until some of them noticed something off about their screen. According to multiple reports posted on Korean forums like PPOMPPU and social networks like Instagram, …

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Russia’s biggest search engine beats Google in antitrust case

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Google has settled its long-running court battle with the Russian search engine Yandex. The Moscow-based company had accused the search giant’s parent, Alphabet, of undermining competition by forcing phone makers to preinstall a set bundle of Google apps on Android. Per the terms of the settlement, Google must ditch those restrictions in the country. Russian antitrust regulators also fined the …

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Australia’s back in the satellite game with a teeny tiny new launch

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The first Australian-built satellites to be launched in 15 years are set to take off this week from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Unlike the enormous satellites Australia uses for telecommunications, each of these new satellites (or cubesats) is the size of a loaf of bread. But although small, they may provide a key step in enabling Australia’s entry into the …

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The Wahl Lithium Ion is the best option for most people


After spending 51 hours on research, surveying more than 550 Wirecutter readers, spending a week testing tools with a pair of professional barbers, and personally sacrificing a beard in the name of science, we concluded that the Wahl Lithium Ion all-in-one is the beard trimmer for most people. In four years of reporting and updating this guide, we’ve considered about …

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Early computing pioneer Robert Taylor dies


The technology world just lost one of its most prominent innovators. Robert Taylor, best known as the mastermind of ARPAnet (the internet’s precursor), has died at 85. As the director of the US military’s Advanced Research Projects Agency from 1965 until 1970, he helped pioneer the concept behind shared networks — he was frustrated with constantly switching terminals and wanted …

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Only a handful of Windows phones will get the latest update


Virtually every Windows 10 PC can get the Creators Update, but phone owners won’t be so fortunate. Microsoft has revealed that only some Windows 10 Mobile devices will receive the Creators Update when it’s ready. The company’s own Lumia devices are covered, naturally (from the Lumia 550 and above), but it’s slim pickings beyond that — the Alcatel Idol 4S, …

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T-Mobile has already started shipping Galaxy S8 pre-orders


While the official launch date of Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 flagship is still around a week away, you may receive your unit a bit early if you are on T-Mobile in the US. Yes, the magenta carrier has already started shipping pre-orders for the device. If you recall, T-Mobile was also the first carrier to start shipping pre-ordered LG G6 …

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Facebook Busts Up International Spam Operation


While Facebook has spent significant time fighting fake news on its network, it continues to battle another plague to its social platform: Fake accounts. These are often used to spread low-quality content, so the internet titan has been ramping up its crackdowns. Hot on the heels of banning 30,000 profiles earlier this week, Facebook announced it has disrupted a massive …

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Unlock YouTube’s hidden Dark Mode to save your eyes


If you’ve ever tried to watch YouTube when it’s dark out, you know that the typical bright white of the video service’s page can be a bit blinding. Enter “Dark Mode,” a hidden feature that turns the light surfaces black or dark gray so you can get on with those cat videos without all that glare. Enabling the mode is …

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Saturn and Jupiter’s moon burps bode well for distant life


Scientists recently took a closer look at data over a decade old and concluded that two moons orbiting Saturn and Jupiter might have environments that foster life. During an October 2015 flyby of the ringed planet’s moon Enceladus, the probe Cassini was hit by gaseous plume, which was likely a hydrothermal vent breaking through the iced surface. Scientists theorize that …

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Nokia to relaunch popular 3310 mobile phone later this month


Nokia will re-launch its popular 3310 mobile phone, which has been described as the best-loved and most resilient phone in history. According to leaker Evan Blass, who first revealed the details, it will be revealed at Mobile World Congress later this month.   Blass says HMD Global Oy, the Finnish manufacturer with exclusive rights to market phones under the storied …

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Here’s How You Can Use Less Internet Data On Instagram… Must Read!


    Instagram is one of the popular social media platform, and if you’re a regular user you would know how data is very essential on viewing those photos and videos all day. The platform automatically load photos and auto-plays videos giving you not much choice to monitor your data usage. Well good news is Instagram has induced a data-savings …

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This is one of the features we’ve been expecting WhatsApp to add for a very long time is the supports for mention in group chat. “Mention” features allow you to specifically address a contact inside a group to get their attention. Whether online or offline, the contact will get a notification of the mention. When you’re in a group chat, …

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