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Important Reason Women Should Urinate Immediately after Sexual Intercourse


Important Reason Women Should Urinate Immediately after Sexual Intercourse Sexuality is a topic that many people especially in this part of the world, Africa, shy away from. They consider the topic strange or perhaps a natural thing that couples will eventually get to know in the course of their marriage. photo credit: eve woman Often, the African society essentially considers …

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Pawpaw: Helps Ease Menstrual Pain amongst Other Benefits! Read Benefits


Pawpaw has a range of health benefits thanks to its main component Vitamin C. The health benefits of papaya include asthma prevention, anti-cancer properties, weight loss and even aids digestion. Here are some of the top health benefits. 1. Pawpaw helps you lose weigh. Looking to lose weight? Include pawpaw in your diet as it is very low in calories. …

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Coffee Benefits: Different Kinds And Why You Should Drink Coffee


People take coffee for various reasons and at different times, or maybe at all times. A whole lot of people take coffee when they need to wake up or stay awake to do a certain thing, especially if they have a lot of work to do and are trying to avoid sleep. Others to warm up their day when they …

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How To Dress on a First Date

how to dress on a first date

It’s Friday night. That guy you’ve been flirting has finally asked you out. It’s your first date… now what!?   Ok let’s start from the beginning- first impressions matter a lot. The first that comesto mind is how to dress on a first date And yes this probably isn’t his very first impression of you. But it’s probably the first impression of …

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How To Maintain Acrylic Nails

How To Maintain Acrylic Nails

As much as it is beautiful to fix nail extensions, it is also important to pay close attention to health and safety. If not properly managed, artificial nails can ruin your natural nails. If this happens, you have just set up a home for fungus and bacteria to be fruitful and multiply. Below, I will share some tips with you …

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Sparkle & Dazzle In Your Friday Night Outfits (Photos)


It’s FRIYAY, another exciting time of the week because the weekend is here again. Friday night slay is something that is very real, it’s as real as the day itself. For those who love to party and have a good time, “Slaying” your fashion comes with the territory. This automatically means a well-executed ensemble that is a perfect fit for …

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Hairstyles & Accessories Ideas For Brides-To-Be (Photos)


Are you a bride struggling right now because you don’t know what bridal hairstyles or accessories to choose for your big day? Well, we have a few tips to share and also we have images to inspire you. “As a bride to be it can be overwhelming trying to put together your look as well as trying to settle the …

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Five Reasons Why Your Wristwatch Is An Important Part Of You

wrist watches

Wristwatches have come to be an important part of dressing up as they help to accentuate our individual style and fashion sense. Watches have come in different styles including a pocket style which has mostly fazed out to give way to the wristwatch. Generally, the importance of the wristwatch has been reduced in modern life as people now have various …

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5 Reasons You May Want To Reconsider Wearing An Engagement Ring

For a number of reasons, getting engaged is one thing every woman looks forward to in this part of the world. Asides family and societal expectations, a lot of Nigerian women tend to see getting engaged for a prospective marriage as a core achievement since it culturally cements their status in womanhood. More so,  engagement rings are something women love …

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Fashion Styles You Should Modify In 2018


It’s a new year and there are lots of reasons to be happy that we made it. While some of us are making resolutions, others simply hope that the year would be better than the last in all ramifications. One thing we all however should pay attention to is our appearance and also certain things that will make us more …

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Stylish Ways To Rock Your Ankara Dungarees

Ankara Dungarees 3

Ankara prints have been turned and styled to different outfits over the years. It is of no doubt that we have ankara shirts, trousers and other styles you can think of for men and even for women. This is just to say the ankara prints are ever versatile. In this post, I gave different styles of how the ankara fabric …

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Ring Finger & Symbolism Infographic | Man’s Guide To Rings & Hand Jewelry


A ring is a round band, usually of metal, worn as an ornamental piece of jewellery around the finger, or sometimes the toe; it is the most common current meaning of the word “ring”. Strictly speaking a normal ring is a finger ring (which may be hyphenated); other types of rings worn as ornaments are earrings, bracelets for the wrist, …

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10 Cool Shoes to Wear Instead of Sneakers


Are you ready to pick up a mature man shoe and to dress like an mature man? When it comes to looking mature  – you do NOT need luxury clothing. You can use small, inexpensive accessories. This post is all about cleaning your act up and dressing like an adult for once, because as the holidays approach, invites and party …

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The Correct Term: Waistcoat or Vest ?


These past few months, I have become very fond of a certain clothing item that has fostered divided thoughts on its correct label. Americans refer to it as a vest, and the English refer to it as a waistcoat. Ideally, the only difference between the two terms is a matter of where one resides. A waistcoat is an item of clothing …

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Yomi Casual Latest Ankara Styles For Men


Yomi Casual’s Ankara designs are usually modern, light and young. He stays true to the saying “Less is more” It is no longer news that Yomi Casual is one of the best Nigerian fashion designers so today we will be looking at a few of his Ankara designs.   The Ankara fabric is versatile and bends to the skill of …

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