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Maturity or commitment, which is more important in a relationship?



Which does a relationship need more; maturity, or commitment?

Trust, honesty, team-work, loyalty, faithfulness, compromise, maturity etc… these are some of the things people admire and seek in relationships.

While all of these traits are important in a partner, people tend to pay some higher emphasis on commitment and maturity.


Commitment is that thing that makes you decide to stay with someone, and work actively to make your relationship work with them regardless of the ups and downs that relationship faces.

Commitment and Maturity are both desirable traits in partners

Words that bear very close similarity are dedication and devotion.

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Maturity in relationships has to do with knowing the right things to do, and actually doing them right.

It means you are wise enough to not only know what your relationship needs, but you also know how to inculcate those things in the relationship.

If you could have just one of commitment and maturity in a partner, which is it going to be (Urban Bush Babes)

Having explained what these two things are about, which do you think is more important for a relationship to thrive?

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In other words, if you ever had to pick just one of these two relationship traits, which would it be?

Please vote and let us know your thoughts in the poll below.

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