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Man who almost committed suicide over an ex gives advice

A man who almost committed suicide after he got depressed following the issue he was having with an ex, took to twitter to recount how far he has come one year later.

Man who almost committed suicide over an ex gives advice lailasnews

According to him, he allowed his ex get into his head, but he is now grateful he got help. He further advised depressed people, to talk it out because it works. His tweet read;

Last year I made the WORST choice in my life, I almost succeeded on committing suicide. I was stressing and going through so much that I let words from an ex get in my head, a year later I’m proud to say I got the help needed. If you’re ever feeling depressed TALK IT OUT it works

Love hurts trust me I know but you will prevail

I don’t mind trolls guys it’s okay  it ain’t about them or me fr I just want to help people understand that what I did wasn’t acceptable & there are better ways to handle situations

Man who nearly committed suicide over an ex gives advice lailasnews 1

Well a new report by ABC revealed that depression is the leading cause of disability, with 350 million people affected worldwide.

While antidepressants have long been used, there’s been debate about how well they work. In a new study published in The Lancet, researchers trying to settle the matter found that all 21 antidepressants that they looked at work better than placebo.

The researchers did a meta-analysis where they comprehensively reviewed past studies. Among the 28,552 studies that they looked at, only 522 were rigorous enough to be included – that’s a total of 116,477 participants treated with 21 different antidepressants.

In addition to finding that all the antidepressants included were more effective than placebo, they compared antidepressants to see whether some worked better than others, and whether people could tolerate the side effects of some more than others. They noted that some drugs, like Remeron (mirtazapine) and Lexapro (escitalopram), appear to be more effective and tolerable for the average patient.

However, researchers warn that what works well for one patient doesn’t always work well for another – and that antidepressants take a few weeks to begin working in most patients.

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