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Lady caught hiding stolen clothes inside private part

A female shoplifter was given the disgrace of her life after she was caught stealing clothes in a boutique and hiding them in her private parts.

It was a show of shame after this unidentified lady was caught after she had stolen some clothing items in a boutique hiding them inside her private parts.

The theft which was reportedly caught on the shop’s CCTV, exposed the lady to a shocking embarrassment after the shop owner stripped her and brought out the clothes one after the other from under panties.

The video of the incident which has since gone viral showed the thief had stuffed the stolen clothes inside the underwear underneath her dress.

In all, the shop owner brought out nine dresses of different sizes that the lady had stuffed between her thighs but while the show of shame was going on, the disgraced thief did not show any emotion as she brought out her phone from her bra and was busy making calls.

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