Ladies: 5 Common Mistakes That Spoil The Shape Of Your Br3asts


So much can happen to a lady’s b00bs, it can have changes in appearance, shape etc so as a woman you should always have an idea of what exactly is happening with your bre3asts. Below are things that can potentially alter the shape of your breasts.



Wrong bra size: “Did you know only 25% women wear correct size bras, they either wear smaller or bigger sizes and your br3asts can lose shape without necessary support as putting on tight bras can constrict blood vessels”.

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Piercing and tattoos: “Any form of piercing or tattooing can cause a potential risk of inflammation, br3asts piercing can be even more dangerous as lymph nodes lie very close here”.


Sleeping on stomach: “Your br3asts won’t become smaller, but they may change in shape with time if you sleep on your belly, sleeping on the left side is the best sleeping position for your overall health”.

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Jogging without a sports bra: “Jogging or running without wearing a sports bra can lead to deformed br3asts, the constant up and down movement of breasts while running can cause sagging br3asts”.


Plastic surgery: “Some women are unhappy with the size of one of their br3asts and to make both the br3asts symmetrical they resort to surgery, the difference between the shape of lacteal glands occurs frequently but it is not important to resort to surgery”.

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