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Tolu Oniru or Toolz as she is famously known was incredibly happy when the love of her life, Tunde Demuren asked her to marry him, at the most unlikely time and situation. Of course her sixth sense had hinted her that he might propose, but he had devised a means to achieve that shock feature of a magical proposal. A proposal in the Dominican Republic on a trip to his brother’s birthday.

And so today begins Tolu and Tunde’s walk into matrimony.


Here are excerpts from her


On Their Relationship

“When we started dating within a few months he was already talking about marriage so we were clear on where we were headed. Yet sometimes I would say let’s see how this goes. But I knew he was taking it very seriously and after our first year, I knew that was his plan unless something crazy happened.”

How He Got Her Ring Size

He got it through my sister, he is not great at surprises, so I though whenever he planned to do it  would know because he would slip up somehow. My sister who lives in Nottingham who hardly sends me gifts, sent me a ring. And I grilled her to find out if he had put her up to it and she denied it. So I concluded she was reciprocating on some of the gifts I had sent her in the past. But secretly I thought it was a really odd gesture.

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On Tunde’s Personality


This is going to sound very weird but when I decided to date him, it was his smile that drew me to him. His smile seemed very genuine. He’s very spiritual and I knew I wanted to be with someone that has a good relationship with God. He works very hard and that is something I appreciate and also  get inspired by.

He’s a very sweet, hardworking and happy person. He loves smiling and is annoyingly positive. There is not one word that can describe him.

On Pressure To Get Married After 30

I never put that kind of pressure on myself. If you are 30 and 30 and you want to get married and you don’t have anyone to marry, what are you supposed to do ?Go crazy ? Do not let how people think dictate how you live your life.

On Rumors of Cheating

When some of these stories come out I am shocked. Sometimes I take a picture with a man and someone says the person was holding my shoulder as if we are in a relationship.These people are just trying to make stories but at the same time whoever I dated is in the past. I wasn’t dating anyone when I started dating Tunde so it wasn’t an issue.

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How She Deals With His Exes

That is something he should handle. You should treat your partner with the utmost respect. I have never been in competition with anyone and I don’t believe in fighting for a man. If a man wants to be with you, you will know it. It is when there are cracks in your relationship that you have someone trying to come in between you two. I don’t believe you can steal somebody’s husband or wife.If that person is happy and committed in their marriage or relationship they will work things out.

On Her Famous Curves

Every woman faces insecurities growing up. I don’t know any woman who is 100% happy with the way her body is. Every woman wants to be taller, slimmer or curvier so yes I have insecurities as well.

While I was in school it was the sim, tall, long legged women who got the attention. I didn’t fit into that but as I got older, I knew that even if I worked out ten times a day and eat only fruit, I was never going to be that way so I learnt to accept what God has given me.

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