Glittering b*tt: The Latest Trend On Instagram


Check Instagram and you’ll discover that the hot trend now is to apply glitter to your b*tt! Yes, glittering b*tt!


Before now, artfully applying glitter to the cheekbones, or men smothering it over their beard or their manhood was the fad. But all that disappeared with 2016.

In 2017, fashionistas say, the hot trend is to rub glitter all over the b*tt. Yes. Glitter b*tt.

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Cosmopolitan magazine reports that the trend is the creation of The Gypsy Shrine, a UK glitter shop that strongly believes in the power of throwing glitter all over the face and body.

The magazine adds that the trend was inspired by the feeling of sitting on the beach, standing up, and finding your backside covered in sand. But instead of sand, now it’s glitter!

Of course, applying glitter to your own bum is a little tricky, so if you fancy trying the trend, it’s probably best to recruit a friend, get them to rub hair gel on your b*tt, and then ask them to splash on the glitter.

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Make sure you wear shorts that are short enough to display your glittery back side to the world, and be warned that you will probably never, ever remove all traces of glitter from the area between your b*tt!

Enjoy your new life as a glitter-bottomed person. Leave sparkly traces on every toilet seat you use. Because this is who you are now.

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