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How To Get Rid of Hangover : Top Hangover Remedy For The Morning After



A headache, nausea, and amadioha forbid that someone should turn on the light! There is nothing fun about the aftermath of a fun night out. Truly, I don’t envy you that dry, yucky taste in your mouth right now. Unfortunately, with hangover remedy, one size does not fit all.

Hangover Remedy For The Morning After

However, while you may find eternal rest appealing right now, you will live to fight another day for sure. The most effective cure is to counteract the effect of the alcohol on revitalizing agents. Here are some tips to help you survive the crash.


Hangover Remedy For The Morning After


Today is definitely not one of those days you get up a 5 am (you fit?). Take as much rest as possible because your system needs a chance to recover. Get ready to spend an extra hour or 2 in bed, this would do you a lot of good.

In case you have to work today, you may need to call in sick.  Let’s hope your supervisor didn’t see you at the bar last night. By the way, kindly take a shower. It works like magic to refresh you.

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Hangover Remedy For The Morning After

The first thing you should have done on waking is drink water. If you haven’t, stop right now and do so. All that drink you had last night dehydrated your body and you need to get rehydrated. This is not to mean that you should swallow a tank at once. Drink a little at a time but keep the fluid flow steady.

Hangover Remedy For The Morning After

Because this liquid business can quickly become a chore, you can alternate water with juice. However, avoid taking coffee and other caffeinated drinks as this would only further dehydrate you.

Get back In Gear

Hangover Remedy For The Morning After

Look, drinking alcohol is a rough drive for your body. After decking your body all night, you need to restock on vitamins. Vegetable or fruit Smoothies can take care of this. If you can, try munching on fruits or sip on fruit juice for vitamin C.

Besides, protein and mineral rich food would do you a lot of good right now. I know, I know: you can’t even stand the thought of eating. However, consider starting with something bland like biscuit or bread. As soon as you can though, go for a rich meal.

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Try to soak Garri

All that drink you had last night dehydrated your body and you need to get rehydrated and also have something to hold your stomach. This method may not work for everyone, but I am sure it doesn’t have a real side effect if it’s not going to help you get over your hangover. But many times, guys have tried it and it was effective for them within a short period of time.

What Hangover Remedy Is Not

Hangover Remedy For The Morning After

  • Painkillers have side effects that are magnified by alcohol, stay away.
  • Hangover is not an excuse to become a sigidi, move around a bit to exercise your muscles.
  • Ever heard of “hair of the dog”? That is simply curing a handover with fresh alcohol. Although the new batch would help your system forget yesterday ’s, it is only a temporary measure.

Take care, honey.

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