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IMG_20171019_080526_172Hey guys, I’m Nafisat Taofeek Omotayo. Follow up with my stories here, let’s learn together. Your comment is important. Thanks.

Not too long ago, I found myself in the moral dock, standing trial for gender bias. The judge was my conscience, while the jury consisted my cumulative experience with both genders spanning well over two decades, my reflective prowess and my reasoning faculty. I was hungry and had discovered to my chagrin that my gas cylinder was devoid of the necessary inflammable content that permitted me to cook such delightful meals as my beloved spaghetti. I was also in need of victuals. This I had known for some time.
Accordingly, without much foresight as to the awkward situation I was leading myself into, I took the cylinder for refilling, and decided to also go to the market. When all my shopping was done and I was staring wistfully at the damage this had wrought to my expenses, it was too late. Yes, my financial status was somewhere between South and South-South, but the major issue was how to get all the bounty to my hostel.
If I could get the load to a junction, I could get a taxi to convey me cheaply to my hostel. However, this was quite some distance away and I could not risk making this journey twice. Soon, I espied three merry people coming my way and I resolved to seek their assistance. The company comprised two boys and one girl. Naturally, I presumed that the males would be the ones to help and that the female would eye me contemptibly. I flayed her in my mind’s eye for being such a rotter in advance.
They drew near, I hailed them, and I communicated my unenviable position to them. Promptly, the girl smiled at me and hoisted my gas cylinder, encouraging me to come along. The boys, I observed took more interest in scanning my physical appearance. She helped me directly to where I needed the help even though this was quite out of her way. I flogged myself mentally, and was soon standing the aforementioned trial.
To my credit, I was not altogether wrong to have assumed she would be an antagonist to my desires. I had followed the 2016 ministerial screening by the senate and had taken particular interest to the screening of the current Minister for Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun. Her major opposition had come from female senators. From my own personal experiences also, I know that women can be very selfish, especially when it comes to power or when it relates to being the most important member of our species to the opposite sex.
It is not uncommon for a girl to scorn the company of other girls with the excuse that “girls gossip”. They would then latch themselves to one or more members of the male denizen and proudly declaim to any who would listen that ‘all’ their friends are males. So, while females pine for feminism, we unconsciously seek male approval.
Why else would a girl assume that being the most important female would garner respect for them. Boys however don’t need to emphasise gender amongst themselves. They simply carry on cordially and accord to each other their respective dignities.
Girls will go around crooning, ‘I’m the only female in such and such a place’, ‘I am the only the only female to have done such and such a thing’… etc.
The trial, however, was never completed. Like a typical Nigerian judicial vaudeville, it dragged on for too long and eventually concluded without a definite conclusion. I may or may not be gender biased in future. Nobody knows anything with any certainty. The future, we must all agree, is moot.

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