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I dont hate Ekiti girls, I just love the controversy around Ekiti girls – Comedian Demo_pumpin



He is no doubt one of the most celebrated comedians in Ibadan. Egbeleke Ademola Owolabi a.k.a. Demo_pumpin,  In this interview with TRIOTINAIJA.COM, Demo_pumpin talked about a range of issues, including his first show and his more interestingly his top four comedians in Nigeria.

Demo_pumpin revealed that his top five comedians are Gbenga adeyinka, seyilaw, kennyblaq Lafup, & Peteru.

So can we meet you sir?

My name is Egbeleke Ademola Owolabi. I am from Oyo state, family of 6, and I am the second born. Graduated from the university of Ibadan, and I studied biochemistry. Hobbies includes playing games, swimming, hanging out, traveling, etc



When did u start comedy/MC and how did u come by the name Demo_pumpin

Started from Instagram in 2014, and the name demo_pumpin came from my friends back in secondary school

Does that mean Demo_pumpin is just your nickname which as well fits in to your comedy line?

Yes! As I always say… I pump people with laughter

So how have you been taking up the challenges considering the fact that you are an Ibadan based comedian?

Lol…. You asked about challenge, and for me the only challenge I know is in Ibadan, so it’s not an issue for me, fortunately Location has not really been a barrier, as I do a lot of jobs even outside Ibadan, my workspace is online, which makes me global irrespective of my location.

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So on your comedy skits, what kicks your inspiration

Messi kicks my inspiration, cuz he is the best kicker I have seen around😀. On a more serious note tho… My inspiration comes from deep thinking, my friends and things that I see around me…The God factor can’t be taken away too tho

Who are Your 5 favorite comedians

Gbenga adeyinka, seyilaw, kennyblaq Lafup, & Peteru. In Nigeria

What is the Future of Nigeria comedy

The future is really bright. We have the biggest comedians in Africa. And we are gradually taking over

What are your plans for 2017

More skits, to start an online series, and to take skits to stage.

There is this notion that Demo_pumpin hates Ekiti girls… React to this

Loool, I don’t hate ekiti girls or anybody at all, I just love the controversy around ekiti, and I have had some really cool and at the same time razz ekiti friends, so I just thought to use them for my skits since Ibadan girls were being overused by others.

You now have a fan base all across Ibadan and basically Nigeria, how does that make you feel as a comedian

It makes me feel like I have a lot more to do, to please these people and to cut across more people

How was ur first experience on the stage

Nervous, but on point

Is Demo_pumpin in a Relationship? 😃

I am single but not searching

So what do you have to say to aspiring comedians/MCs

Be consistent, be focused, be original, and you can achieve anything

Anything for

When Una turn lagbaja??? Big ups to triotnaija! Keep the fire burning, God bless you all

Thanks so much for your time! We love you too

You welcome, Thanks for having me


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