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The Best Ways to Make Love Last

Make each other feel special: Everyone has a different way of giving and receiving love. Find out what makes your partner feel loved, and do those things. Investing time in making each other feel cared for and special could reap a lifetime of rewards.

Look at each other: The longer couples stay together, the less they look at each other. Take time to really look at your partner and gaze into his or her eyes. Studies have suggested that when couples make extended, uninterrupted eye contact (for at least two minutes), they feel closer and experience more of a connection to each other.
Fight fair: Don’t let arguments turn into a blaming match. Humble yourself, and admit when you’re wrong. Also know when to end the argument and come to a compromise. It’s not about who wins or loses. There’s no point in winning a few arguments if you eventually lose your marriage.
Embrace forgiveness: Don’t hold grudges. It will not only make you feel worse but also start to chip away at your relationship. Learn how to let things go so that you can love each other with your whole selves.

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