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The best types of men to fall in love with in 2018



It’s 2018 and the things that make relationships tick are not the same with what made relationships of the past work.

Of course, things like commitmenttrustcommunication and other non-negotiable relationship terms have to be in existence. Their importance can surely not be eroded by time, or modern civilization/

However, an understanding of present day societal values and an appreciation of the shift in society’s outlook have shown that the ideal 2018 man is not the same as the ideal man of years past.


So, ladies, we sculpt below an image of the best types of men to be with in 2018.

5 types of girlfriend that guarantee a lit sex life
1. He says no to abuse and means it

The first type of guy you need in your life is the one who fully understands the trappings of domestic violence, assault and physical and emotional abuse.

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He knows how to manage his temper and when he says he does not support domestic violence, he says it because he means it and not just because it’s the cool thing to say on IG these days.

2. He understands gender equality

Ladies, get you a man who respects not just you or other women but everyone equally.

If he still judges people’s abilities by their gender or relates with people, especially women from a place of gender prejudice, his other ‘good values’ may not count for much because you are a woman, too, and sooner or later, those prejudices will show in the way he treats you, too.

3. He’s not insecure

The realities of the modern day society is that more women are coming into their own, realising their potentials and requiring more freedom to be and to do.

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You cannot afford to have a man who will not allow you spread those wings and reach into the skies, or one who will try to dim your shine due to his insecurity.

If there are flashes of insecurity, don’t wave it away.

4. He’s not scared to show emotions

No one needs a guy who represses feelings and downplays your importance in his life just because he can’t process those feelings let alone express them as honestly as he should.

No one deserves to be in a relationship wondering if they are good enough or if they are loved enough. Reassurances are key and you deserve a man who never lets you forget how much you  mean to him.

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