7 Questions You Should Answer Before A New Relationship


If you were in a relationship that failed, you might be tempted to start thinking of entering into another one as soon as possible.

But that is really not what you need. At least, not until you ask the following questions and provide yourself with the most honest answers.

1. Am I really ready for this?
What is your emotional state? A relationship will require all of you and you have to be willing to give it your best shot. There is no point in trying when you are not willing that much to making it work.

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2. Am I over my ex?

You need to clear your head and be sure that you are not just looking for someone to serve as a rebound relationship for your ex’s disappearance.

3. What can I learn from my past relationship?

No relationship is an entire waste. If it did not end well, at least it has taught you what to avoid and what to expect.

4. What kind of relationship am I looking for?

Are you looking for a committed relationship, or maybe friendship with benefits. Examine your intentions well, so you go in with your eyes open.

5. Do I love myself?

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No one gives what they do not have. So if you haven’t become comfortable and confident in your own skin and abilities, it could be why your former relationship ended, and that identity is something you need to discover before you slide into another relationship.

6. What am I looking for in a partner?

You really can’t know what to expect when you do not even know what you are looking for.

7. Will this person be good for me?

In the end, chemistry and compatibility speaks volumes and determines how the relationship will be.

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