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5 tips to make your relationship stronger

A strong relationship requires hardwork and dedication from the two people involved. You don’t just wish it to happen, you make it happen.

Building a partnership that is solid enough to weather the storms and hold up under pressure takes conscious effort and attention.

 Below are five tips for building a strong relationship:
  1. Good communication: You may have heard it over and over again, but the fact still remains that the key to a healthy and strong relationship is good communication. When you and your partner communicate effectively, you can work through anything and handle whatever problem you’re facing. recommends asking your partner for what you want in a clear, specific, and positive manner, and then expressing appreciation.

  2. Maintain physical intimacy: Sex is much more than just a physical act in any strong relationship. It is very essential for your health and strength of your emotional connection. Also, physical intimacy can make you feel loved and draw you back together when you drift apart.

  3. Fight fair: Your aim should never be to win a fight, but to resolve conflict with respect and love. Do not attack your partner or use hurtful language just because you are angry. Use “I” statements to communicate how you feel. Don’t bring up old fights into a current argument. To fight fair means staying focused on the present issue and respecting each other’s perspective.

  4. Stay positive: When you always expect the worst from your partner or your relationship, chances are it just might happen because you have conditioned your mind to prepare for it. Instead, think positive and always see the best in your partner. According to John M. Gottman, “Change from a critical habit of mind, in which you’re very involved with your partner’s mistakes, to a positive one, in which you catch him doing something right.” He also added: “Notice one small thing, and express genuine appreciation. That will change your interaction patterns from escalating negativity and criticism to building a culture of appreciation.”

  5. Create a balance: With the right balance, neither partner would feel slighted or smothered. This allows you both enough non-shared experiences to maintain a sense of yourself outside the relationship. Time together is equally as important. If you don’t have quality time, communication and understanding may start to deteriorate.

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