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Bring Back Our Superheroes: not Our Superlongthroats (Our Warriors)

(Hero) Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh. Never Forgotten. Does patriotism runs in the blood? She's Herbert Macaulay's great grand-daughter.
(Warrior) Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh. Never Forgotten. Does patriotism runs in the blood? She’s Herbert Macaulay’s great grand-daughter.

Often times we have been told about the need to be patriotic citizens and how that contributes to the concept of nation building. A phenomenon which is not really popular in Nigeria. We at however do not want the “little things” and sacrifices of the ordinary people who  have dedicated their sweat, blood and lives for the continued existence and prosperity of this country go unsung. And sequel to the post Bring Back our Superheroes: not Our Superlongthroats, here the theme is around celebrating the unsung heroes who saved many lives of Nigerian . It is in this vein that Mr. Akintola Akindele Abdulqadir a poet has composed an highly insightful poem for the victims (dead and alive) and all who volunteered to stop Ebola in Nigeria celebrating their bravery and patriotism. they are our heroes.

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While we were in fears,
Running up and down to heaven,
Gladly bathing in salt waters,
To avoid the cold touch of EVD

They put on their battle regalia,
Shine their blades,
Pack their guns,
And off to the war front,
Abandoning their love ones

They place their life in front of death,
Fighting fiercely to win the war,
Within Ninety four days they won,
But at the cost of General Adadevoh and few others

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This are our saviours,
The remain forever in our heart,
They are our heroes

©Akintola Akindele Abdulqadir

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  1. Great piece!

    These people are the real heroes!

  2. Thanks bro, all credit to the poet, more to come and please lets begin our own little acts of heroism.

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