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3 ways sexting is good for your relationship

3 ways sexting is good for your relationship

Sexting is sending, receiving, or forwarding sexual messages, photographs or images of sexual, majorly between mobile phones.

The simple/direct advantage of engaging in the practice with your partner is that it adds some to the sex experience in your relationship or wedding.

Asides that though, there are other ways sexting might be advantageous to your relationship/marriage and below are three of them.

Sexting improves the emotional intimacy between partners (Pinterest)

1. Improved emotional intimacy

Sex improves the sex experience between you and your partner, and sex in turn increases emotional intimacy and even emotional well-being.

2. A continuously-active sex

Sexting often involves sharing fantasies, seductive comments or sultry pics and has been rightly described as a form of foreplay on its own.

Exchange of sexually-charged messages can help create anticipation and build up tension, which surely has a way creating the perfect ground for either an explosive quickie, or a long long night [or day] of tender loving, depending on when the tension becomes unbearable.

Partners who sext can also be sure that the attraction between them is still strong (Pulse GH)

3. Physical validation

There is always a concern about appearance, especially with women whose bodies have gone through the process of childbirth.

Many of them wonder if their husbands still find them sexy or appealing enough. Sexting can help with this.

Messaging you about what he would love to do to you after work suggests your partner still finds you hot enough that even his working hours is filled with sexual thoughts of you, right?

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